A book about women in motorbike racing technology. A book about unusual paths, real skill and courageous decisions. A book about passion, precision and adrenaline.

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Women in motorbike racing technology - a book about passion, precision and adrenaline that inspires everyone to follow their passion

Motorcycalled (Bikeberufne in German) is a book project that portrays women in technical careers in motorbike racing.

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It shows their successes, talents and values, but also obstacles and setbacks in their profession and traces their individual paths in order to give women’s careers in motorbike racing the visibility that inspires everyone to consciously follow their own path.

It’s about passion for bikes, precision and endurance, courage and, above all, following the call of your own passion.

Therefore, the book is not only written for racing freaks, motorbike fans and passionate mechanics, but also anyone who has long wanted to follow the call of their own passion professionally.

… a book about women, professionals, in motorbike racing technology.

… a book about unusual paths, real ability and courageous decisions.

… a book about passion, precision and adrenalin.

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This book puts the spotlight on women who otherwise work behind the scenes to ensure the success of others

The project shows highly qualified women - technicians, mechanics, engineers - professionals who talk little about themselves. Their focus is on the performance and perfection of the bikes and the team.

Yet each individual biography contains so much knowledge, precision, passion and courage. You can learn a lot from them about the big issues in life that go far beyond the workshop and the racing team.

… how do you become a widely recognised professional? And what does it mean to be a professional?

… why do you actually have a passion for what you do? Where does this passion come from?

… what are the challenges between generations, different views and new technologies?

… and what challenges do women face alone? What solutions do women have?

My sister Anne was one such woman. She worked as a suspension technician at alpha Racing and in the team of Markus Reiterberger, a german racer, and was at the start of an international racing career. Even before completing her apprenticeship, she was already on tour in Asia and the tour to North America was planned.

Two weeks before her final exams, she died last summer in a motorbike accident on the road with her partner, at the exit of a bend she had ridden so often…

This book takes Anne’s legacy as a starting point to make what characterises her and all the other women accessible to everyone: passion, precision and courage.

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  • BMW Entwicklung (von Ronja)
    BMW Entwicklung (von Ronja)

This summer, I want to devote myself fully to the project, go into the in-depth research phase, visit races and present the project at events

To devote myself fully to the project means:

… I want to go into the in-depth research phase,

… conduct further international interviews,

… attend races and international motorbike events to present the project and

… find a suitable publisher and a grant for the writing phase of the book.

Your support will allow me to dedicate myself to the project with the same professionalism as the women I am writing about.

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