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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Switzerland Township. But this may be of interest to you.
New York in 40 Days

Photography, Publishing, and Tourism

New York, Lucerne, Zug, and Weggis

Die letzten Wochen hatte ich die Möglichkeit, in New York zu studieren. Ich nutzte meine Freizeit um ein lang vorbereitetes Fotografieprojekt zu realisieren mit dem Titel, «New York in 40 Days».

100 %
CHF 20’171
66 backers
Ecotourism is back in Haïti!

Community, tourism, and Environment

Mole Saint-Nicolas

Ecotourism is back in Haïti!

by Boukan Guinguette

Help Boukan Guinguette resuming ecotourism in Haiti! A unique hotel in nature, a passionate team… With your help, we believe in reboosting the adventure despite the hard time Haiti is going through.

105 %
EUR 10’295
89 backers
Makuti Dance & Events

Community, Dance, and Tourism


Makuti Dance & Events

by MAKUTI Dance & Events

Makuti is more than a dance venue project—it's a dream in the making. In the Park of Palomino, Colombia, we will be building a platform and organise dance events, dance classes & diverse workshops.

102 %
CHF 12’260
77 backers
Belle View Bungalow Dominica

Architecture and Tourism


Belle View Bungalow Dominica

by Familie Burkard Roserens

Schon lange träumen wir davon unsere wunderschöne Aussicht und Umgebung mit Gästen zu teilen. Um das «Belle View Bungalow» in unserem Garten in Dominica fertig zu bauen, brauchen wir Unterstützung!

118 %
CHF 41’515
110 backers
Ferienreise in die USA


Los Angeles

Gerne möchten wir unserem Freund eine Reise nach Amerika ermöglichen und seine Reisekosten via Crowdfunding finanzieren, da er die finanziellen Mittel dafür leider nicht hat.

115 %
CHF 5’750
63 backers
Eco-Park with peace: Amalaka

Agriculture, tourism, and Environment


AMALAKA: Where the tropical heat and the indigenous wisdom come together. Ecotourism, organic farming, alternative energy, culture and sport! For local, national and international visitors!

101 %
EUR 28’250
13 backers
Forschungsreise Färöer 2017

Science, tourism, and Education


Wir möchten ein Studienprojekt auf den Färöer-Inseln realisieren wobei wir auf Eure Unterstützung angewiesen sind.

114 %
CHF 2’854
25 backers
Soleil Explorer

Community, Sport, and Tourism

Vieux Fort, Morges, and Lanzarote

Soleil Explorer

by Mathilda Colelough and Benoît Marxer

Our goal is to get people to discover and respect nature through the learning of water sports, such as surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing on a Lagoon 57 catamaran. Relaxing is part of the game too!

110 %
CHF 22’120
119 backers
Covid19 help Casa Strela B&B

Community and Tourism


I run a small B&B in Cabo Verde. Covid 19 stopped us in mid-March. Financial resources are becoming short, but I don't want to let my team down. Your help is their earned salary.

169 %
EUR 8’489
70 backers

Technology, tourism, and Environment

Dover and Boulogne-sur-Mer


by SailLink

SailLink is a convenient & zero-emission sailing passenger service between UK & France. It uses sailing catamarans to take 12 people and is specifically designed for those travelling by train or bike.

100 %
EUR 4’500
14 backers
Raiz Kite Cabana

Sport, tourism, and Environment


Raiz Kite Cabana

by Valerian Escher

Je suis tombé amoureux d’un petit coin de paradis où vit ma fiancée au Nord-Est du Brésil. Nous avons pour ambition d'y monter un éco-tourisme: des cabanes confortables, écologiques et durables.

101 %
CHF 10’139
88 backers
Des dromadaires pour Smara !

Community, tourism, and Environment


Nous avons besoin d’acquérir trois dromadaires!! pour promouvoir l’écotourisme et soutenir la région de Smara au Maroc, où nous avons déjà initié un trekking inédit dans le désert.