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Photography and Publishing

Metsästä / From The Woods

ANNE GOLAZ's coming photography book: METSÄSTÄ! A bewitching story, taking place in the heart of the Finnish forest! Published by KEHRER Verlag! Welcome to take a look into the Nordic woods!
by anne golaz, Helsinki and Lausanne
103% funded
CHF 2’580 pledged
24 backers

Alphorn & Nordic Winds

paul taylor orCHestra with soloists Eliana Burki (alphorn), Sanna Kurki-Suonio (ethno-singer), and Florian Reichle (percussionist) hope for support to record their new program.
by paul taylor orCHestra, Switzerland and Finland
102% funded
CHF 6’900 pledged
28 backers
Food and Tourism

Greenhouse Bakery

Für uns ist die Arbeit nicht nur ein Beruf, den wir jeden Tag ausüben, sondern ein Traum, den wir jeden Tag leben. Wir freuen uns über deine Unterstützung. Roland-Coni-Marco.
by Marco, Coni, and Roli, Veda
110% funded
CHF 22’120 pledged
45 backers
Science, Publishing, and Art

The Glacier's Essence

Wir erzählen in diesem Buch mit Fotografien und Kupferstichen Geschichten von Gletschern und Menschen in Grönland und der Schweiz. Texte von Klimaforschenden ergänzen die eindringlichen Bilder.
by Martin Stützle, Grönland and Glarus
113% funded
CHF 34’070 pledged
140 backers
Sport, tourism, and Animals

Together we are invincible

Our huskies and we are already experiencing the second Corona wave up close for the third time. At the moment we’re still standing with both feet on the sled, but we’re slowly losing our balance.
by Husky Abenteuer Rönnliden - Thomas und Nina, Glommersträsk
131% funded
CHF 19’761 pledged
78 backers
Community, Sport, and Tourism

Gemeinsam sind wir stark!

Meine 11 Schlittenhunde und mich trifft die Corona-Krise schon ein 2. Mal. Bereits im Frühling hiess es Lockdown/Grenzen dicht und den Gäste absagen. Jetzt erneut Absagen und Buchungsstornierungen.
by Malamut Nordic Dream, Arvidsjaur
119% funded
CHF 23’801 pledged
126 backers
Community and Art

The Pink Mark – Minsk 2015

In a project that moves between painting and performance I will create an installation that will that intents to commemorate the Gay victims of the Nazi persecution.
by Daniel Eisenhut, Minsk
100% funded
CHF 8’000 pledged
17 backers

Un Costume pour l'Eurovision

Concevoir un costume élégant et marquant pour l’Eurovision des Chœurs ? C’est possible, et peut-être même grâce à toi !
by Cake O'Phonie, Gothenburg and Fribourg
167% funded
CHF 3’353 pledged
29 backers
Music and Education

5-days intense vocal course

In order to start a 3-year course to become a qualified vocal coach, I’m off for a week in Copenhagen for an intense singing workshop at the CVI (Complete Vocal Institute).
by Chris Wall, Copenhagen
145% funded
CHF 1’740 pledged
18 backers
Publishing and Art

Torrent magazine

Torrent is a yearly magazine focusing on source materials by artists, edited by Daniel Kurjakovic and Linda Jensen. It features previously unpublished material from artists ongoing research archives.
by Linda Jensen and Daniel Kurjakovic, Zürich, Paris, and Copenhagen
119% funded
CHF 11’341 pledged
75 backers
Music, Festival, and Kids / Youth

Moscou chante pour le COV

La chorale du COV a l’honneur d’êtreinvitée à participer au Festival «Moscow Sounds», rencontre internationale de choeurs d'enfants qui se déroule chaque année en Russie.
by Conservatoire de l'Ouest Vaudois, Moscow
164% funded
CHF 4’925 pledged
39 backers
Music, Performing arts, and Art

Transcription of an error

Transcription of an error is a very personal way of combining music and theatre. The staging of this new austrian-italian-russian version will take place in Moscow at the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre.
by Alexander Chernyshkov, Moscow
100% funded
EUR 15’075 pledged
150 backers