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Architecture and Tourism

Belle View Bungalow Dominica

Schon lange träumen wir davon unsere wunderschöne Aussicht und Umgebung mit Gästen zu teilen. Um das «Belle View Bungalow» in unserem Garten in Dominica fertig zu bauen, brauchen wir Unterstützung!
by Familie Burkard Roserens, Portsmouth
118% funded
CHF 41’515 pledged
110 backers
Community, Sport, and Tourism

Soleil Explorer

Our goal is to get people to discover and respect nature through the learning of water sports, such as surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing on a Lagoon 57 catamaran. Relaxing is part of the game too!
by Mathilda Colelough and Benoît Marxer, Vieux Fort, Morges, and Lanzarote
110% funded
CHF 22’120 pledged
119 backers
Music, Performing arts, and Art

Amanecer Casero by Tinaja

Tinaja records its first album: Amanecer Casero. An album of 6 tracks including one composition and 5 rearranged covers. The continuation of a wonderful story ...
by Tinaja, Lausanne, Appenzell District, and Caracas
102% funded
CHF 8’211 pledged
106 backers

Aid indigenous children now

The hurricane Iota and COVID-19 have heavily affected the indigenous communities in Colombia and Venezuela, children have been especially affected. We need your help to provide immediate relief.
by Mama Tierra, Lourdes, and Douglas, Paraguaipoa, Nazareth, and Baden
140% funded
CHF 7’000 pledged
49 backers

Solidarieta Hondo Valle

Conosco una famiglia molto povera e sfortunata.
3 fratelli sono stati colpiti da una forma di malattia debilitante.
Unico aiuto è l'anziana mamma: si procura il cibo con molte difficoltà!
by Aure, Hondo Valle
105% funded
CHF 12’648 pledged
53 backers
Kids / Youth, art, and Education


Réalisation d’une installation lumineuses géante sur les murs de la ville de Port au Prince, en collaboration avec Ti Moun Resistanz, collectif de jeunes artistes haïtiens.
by Sophie Guyot, Port-au-Prince
110% funded
CHF 2’750 pledged
22 backers
Film and Community

Les Nouveaux Gouverneurs

An independent documentary about return migrations in Haiti after the earthquake of 2010 to help the country’s reconstruction. The final touch? The post-production! Help us finance it!
by Célia Burnand et Aurélien Vallotton, Lausanne and Port-au-Prince
146% funded
CHF 7’320 pledged
86 backers
Agriculture, Kids / Youth, and Education


Sustainable and social development project in permaculture aiming to grow food for the children of the school and teach pathways to self-sufficiency.
by Olivia et David, Petite-Riviere-de-Nippes
110% funded
CHF 16’575 pledged
100 backers
Film, Politics, and Kids / Youth

Last Year of Congo Mirador

A documentary about the small neglected village Congo Mirador, built on stilts in the middle of Lake Maracaibo (VE), Latin America's largest oil field. One village, one country, sinking in violence.
by Anabel & Sepp, Congo Mirador
100% funded
EUR 15’080 pledged
99 backers
Community, tourism, and Environment

Ecotourism is back in Haïti!

Help Boukan Guinguette resuming ecotourism in Haiti! A unique hotel in nature, a passionate team… With your help, we believe in reboosting the adventure despite the hard time Haiti is going through.
by Boukan Guinguette, Mole Saint-Nicolas
105% funded
EUR 10’295 pledged
90 backers
Community, Environment, and Education


Canúmake, das Projekt für und mit der Natur Kolumbiens. Gemeinsam mit den Einwohnern wollen wir an diesem magischen Ort arbeiten und Neues entstehen lassen. Bitte helft uns, damit wir helfen können.
by Nina Fischer, Minca
109% funded
CHF 10’990 pledged
57 backers
Community, Kids / Youth, and Education

Renovation Schule Kolumbien

Eine kleine Bergschule im Regenwald von Kolumbien: Dieser Ort bietet vielen Kindern die einzige Möglichkeit für Bildung. Das Gebäude ist total verwahrlost – zusammen bauen wir es wieder auf!
by Brigitte, Minca
117% funded
CHF 11’795 pledged
54 backers