My research project

This summer, I want to expand my knowledge about physics by studying an area called Quantum Optics. I will spend my summer at the world-renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, USA where I will try to answer the following question: «Can one project objects far away on a sheet through quantum effects?» If so, we would be able to see the shape of the object projected on the sheet without the beam of light ever hitting the object. This procedure is called «Ghost Imaging», and my hope is that one day it will be a technology used all over the world with highly impactful applications in IT and medicine.
If you want to know more about Ghost Imaging, you will find a link to an article by National Geographic at the bottom of this page.

The Research Science Institute

The Research Science Institute takes place every summer at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is known to be one of the best universities in the world, especially in science and engineering. The program is a truly unique opportunity, offered by the Center for Excellence in Education, to bring together 80 of the world’s most accomplished high school students and gives them a chance to experience the entire research cycle from start to finish. The program is supported by luminaries in science, such as Nobel Laureate Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ketterle. Students read the latest and most impactful literature in their field, draft and execute a detailed research plan, and deliver conference-style oral and written reports on their findings. This is the heart of RSI: a five-week research internship where students conduct individual projects under the supervision of exceptional mentors who are experienced scientists and researchers.

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Make science possible!

Going to the RSI will be an extraordinary experience and will significantly shape my future. I will be spending the summer with many talented students from all around the world and will meet the most famous scientists and engineers. Most likely, I will even get the chance to talk to a Nobel Laureate! Meanwhile, I would be working in one of the world’s leading laboratories at one of the world’s best universities. Unfortunately, this dream comes with a price tag, which I cannot pay alone. This is why, I ask for your support! You would not only be supporting me, but also the future of Swiss science and technology. Today’s students are the scientists of tomorrow!

I would be very grateful for your help. As a thank you, I would honorably mention your name at the final presentation at one of the most famous universities in the world. You would also receive further small gifts from me, which are listed in the information box to the right.