The lighthouse of hope

by Pascal Bettex


Creation of a kinetic sculpture that will be offered to the Rehabilitation Clinic in Sion, putting into motion objects offered by paraplegics who have succeeded in giving a new meaning to their life.

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Successfully concluded on 31/10/2018

Kinetic sculpture project «The Lighthouse of Hope»

After a mountain accident, a friend of the artist relearned the movement at the Clinique Romande de Réadaptation (CRR) in Sion. The prowess of this institution fascinated the creator: «The patients do not only get back their taste for life, they develop it to the point that some of them become models of resilience and perseverance. « The artist is thinking of translating the human qualities of these survivors to testify to the source of inspiration that these represent for the disabled and even for healthy people.

The management of the clinic subscribes to the project, as the hall of the cafeteria lends itself perfectly to the reception of a very large mobile sculpture. Thus, for those who struggle for mobility, such a kinetic sculpture would act as a beacon of hope, a place of comfort and zenitude. Thanks to your donations, it will be offered to the Clinique Romande de Réadaptation (CRR) to mark its 20th anniversary and will be inaugurated in March 2019.

A unique work with a strong message

Pascal Bettex intends to create a 4.5 meters high sculpture out of recycled materials and objects from the world of disability. His work will aim to de-dramatize trauma and its consequences. Poetic, surprising and fascinating, it will inspire the respect that resilience deserves. It will reflect on the privilege of mobility and invite us to take another look at disability. Message for current clinic patients: «All the objects that move in this» Tinguely machine «have been offered by ex-patients who have managed to overcome their disability and make a new start in life.» The Lighthouse of Hope is supported by many personalities who have found a new way in their life:

Your support for an enthusiastic project

Your donation will allow to offer this sculpture to the Clinique Romande de Réadaptation, which sponsors part of the project. It will be inaugurated on March 21, 2019 and mark for a long time the 20 years of the creation of this institution that welcomes patients from all over French-speaking Switzerland. If the sum of donations exceeds the expected amount, the mobile will be «expanded» and a video «making of» realised. The kinetic sculpture, essentially made of metal, will bring together:

  • sports and handicap recovery parts (prostheses, wheelchairs, crutches, braces, etc.)
  • personal items donated by former patients of the clinic, as so many signs of courage and hope
  • non-circular gears specially developed for this artwork
  • luminous effects giving touches of color and life Specificities :
  • Overall diameter: 2 m.
  • Total height: 4.5 m.
  • More than 100 moving parts.
  • More than 95% of recycled material

Duration of construction: 6 months

All amounts are welcome! THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION !!!