A new Swiss online-marketplace

With TINAS we create a new Swiss online platform for people, products and offers near you. Easy to understand and easy to operate.

We want to introduce you to 526,000 people in Switzerland. Representing 90% of all companies. Micro-enterprises with 1-9 employees. Their work, offers, services, stories, jobs, products and locations.

People like architects, designers, gardeners, hosts, gallery owners, craftsmen, job providers, job seekers, cheese makers, artists, farmers, neighbors, technicians, students, seniors and many more.

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Many websites are never seen

Internet and social media search technologies provide endless lists with thousands of results. Each returned value must be individually reviewed for content and relevance.

Many websites are never seen, because who searches 800,000 search results or more?

Technological change provides fresh challenges every day. We need new tools to keep up to date and we see TINAS as «connection» to digital technologies.

We want to develop a tool, that allows people to present their products. Quick and flexible. In a chosen area and language. Local or global.

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Why we need your support

Your financial support helps us to create a new and independent Swiss online platform. The targeted funding is used for IT-infrastructure, design- and software-development, as well an editorial office.

And thank you for your help! We are happy to return the favor with a smaller or larger goody from the region. In line with TINAS platform, we are supporting local micro-enterprises with their wonderful products.

We hope something particularly appeals to you. Just select, put proud your name or remain anonymous, and enjoy our project TINAS.

Please reach us for questions and suggestions at: wemakeit@tinas.ch. We are looking forward to it!

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