My Vegan Box is a surprise box of vegan products to receive at home, anywhere in Switzerland. It is also the promotion of small businesses and financial support for an animal shelter in Switzerland.

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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My Vegan Box is a monthly selection of high-quality vegan products, delivered to your doorstep.


  1. You choose the Classic box or the Premium box.
  2. You choose your subscription: from 1 to 12 months, without commitment.
  3. We select the best vegan finds for you. The content of the box is a surprise, you receive it at the end of each month.


A vegan parmesan, marshmallows for your campfires, a natural shampoo, maple butter, a set of ecological cutlery…

My Vegan Box brings together everything you could dream of, in a single surprise box: sweet treats 🍪, salty pleasures 🍜, drinks 🧋, hygiene products and accessories 🧼… All 100% vegan 🌱


💸 You save money! The price of the box is guaranteed lower than the total value of the products in the box. You can test lots of new products at a lower cost, and in addition, delivery is free.

🍫 Never two months in a row the same product: to guarantee you surprise and maximum satisfaction, we vary the pleasures in each of our boxes, but also from month to month.



If we can offer you such advantageous rates, it is thanks to our partners. The products in your box come from small and medium-sized Swiss and European producers. And yes, it’s not about sending you the products you already find in the big supermarket chains, but rather supporting small businesses with their wonderful products!


In addition to offering guaranteed products without animal origin, My Vegan Box also undertakes to donate part of the benefits for animals each month. Since the launch of My Vegan Box in January, nearly 200 CHF have already been donated to the animal shelter La Bouche qui Rit.


With the all or nothing principle, the project will only be able to continue once the first objective of CHF 15,000 has been reached.

The other two objectives will allow me to offer you some great new features: an online store and a very original advent calendar.

Here are the 3 goals we want to achieve 👇

  • 🌱 1st GOAL: CHF 15,000

With this first objective achieved, two box formats will be created to adapt to all budgets. This first level will also make it possible to invest in new vegan products for even more variety.

These 15,000 CHF are the objective to be achieved to ensure the sustainability of My Vegan Box and the creation of the boxes over approximately 6 months.

  • 🌱 2nd GOAL: CHF 22,000 (+CHF 7,000)

With My Vegan Box, you discover lots of new things to vary your diet and make you happy every day. This second objective of CHF 22,000 will make it possible to create an online store to find all your favorite products. Following a questionnaire passed with My Vegan Box customers, more than 90% want the shop to be created.

  • 🌱 3rd GOAL: CHF 30,000 (+ CHF 8,000)

That would be crazy! With 30,000 CHF collected, a 100% vegan advent calendar will be developed for this winter. You will discover in it food products, hygiene, or zero waste accessories. All are 100% vegan and from small and medium-sized Swiss and European producers.

The future of My Vegan Box is in your hands… Pre-order your vegan boxes now for lots of great surprises, or opt for one of the other rewards offered.

Many thanks for your generosity! 💚


🎁 We have concocted for you original and varied rewards so you can find something that makes you happy.

PS: You must have an address in Switzerland to receive your reward. If you do not live in Switzerland, you can opt for the Ebook or the consultation in plant-based nutrition online.

Choose from: a superb natural cotton tote bag, a subscription to a vegan box (from November), or one of the rewards of our partners 👇


We wholeheartedly thank our partners, trusted people who support us! Find the incredible rewards they offer you:

  • 🐤 Refuge La Bouche qui Rit: Keep an eye out → many of our counterparties include an amount directly donated to the refuge.
  • 🍃 Swissveg: participation in the creation of the Ebook «Practical Vegan Guide» (advice, nutrition, and impact of plant-based food)
  • 🍅 Wunderprosse: participation in the creation of the Ebook «Practical Vegan Guide» (20 delicious vegan recipes)
  • 🥐 Yellow Pineapple: Vegan brunch in Friborg (pastries, pastries, sweet treats, salty preparations) - LIMITED PLACES!
  • 🍘 Ragi Food: A box with a selection of 4 seasonal fermented products: 1 kombucha, 1 kefir, 1 kimchi, 1 tempeh, and a recipe!
  • 🍝 Ve Cook: A box of 5 delicious meal preparations: bolognese, chili sin carne, hackpfanne, lasagna, and Asian rice
  • 🧺 Alma Picnic: a Boho chic picnic for 4 with a vegan grazing board (Lausanne, Genève and surroundings)
  • 🌱 Tessa Holi: 1h30 consultation in holistic plant-based nutrition

Find the links to the sites of our partners at the bottom of the page.