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Film, Performing arts, and Art

Kunstpilgerreise 3

Die «Kunstpilgerreise 3» ist eine Performance von Marinka Limat. Sie führt 2017 von Kassel nach Athen, und soll mit einem Film dokumentiert werden.
by Marinka Limat, Kassel, Athens, and Fribourg
112% funded
CHF 11’279 pledged
94 backers
Kids / Youth, art, and Literature

The Red Mountain

«The Red Mountain» is a richly illustrated picture book in four languages: Dutch, French, English and German. This book is for everybody who loves the mountains – grown-ups and children alike.
by Astrid Kemper, Kronberg
138% funded
EUR 5’530 pledged
75 backers
Fashion, Fair Trade, and Art

Hand in Hand-Eco-Kollektion

HAND in HAND: Kooperation zwischen Modedesignerin
Sophia Schneider-Esleben und der Künstlerin Verena Rempel.

by Verena Rempel and SophiaSE, Würzburg
101% funded
EUR 2’028 pledged
14 backers
Architecture, Community, and Art

Colour Eitorf.

A unique art project to be installed in a swimming center. Aiming to bring colour and art into a place where it normally does not belong.
by Ray, Eitorf
9% funded
EUR 505 pledged
8 backers
Community and Art

Tskaltubo Hot Pots

«Tskaltubo Hot Pots» baut DREI TISCHE: Kochen, Essen, Zeichnen. Der emotionale Faktor des gemeinsamen Zubereitens und Essens in Sprache und Bild sind die Basis des Kunst-Projektes in Georgien.
by Monika, Tskaltubo, Hamburg, and Basel
102% funded
CHF 8’230 pledged
19 backers
Exhibition, Music, and Art


«Seemannsgarn sind Erzählungen der Seeleute über deren angebliche Erlebnisse.» Auch die Lieder an Bord und die Seemannsbraut erzählen Geschichten. Mit Nadel und Faden legt sie alle auf’s Kreuz.
by Daniela Mitidieri, Zurich and Hamburg
115% funded
CHF 10’419 pledged
98 backers
Photography, Publishing, and Art

Photobook «Peach»

In May, my photobook «Peach» will be published with Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg. 65 images from eight different countries will be on display. Support the production of the book!
by Susanne Hefti, Zurich and Essen
124% funded
CHF 7’452 pledged
61 backers
Design and Art

Serie Palm That, digital art

Be a part of my beautiful digital art, Palm That!
by Alaya Guen, Cologne
0% funded
EUR 0 pledged
0 backers
Community and Art

AntiStress-Painting Atelier

The AntiStress-Painting is like a relaxed creative and relaxing time out, from our mostly with appointments packed everyday life.
by Anna_ug, Berlin
4% funded
EUR 275 pledged
5 backers
Exhibition, Film, and Art

The Laundry – The movie

In every crisis there have been those who waited until it was over, and those who were already one step ahead and had the courage to act to keep doing art and express ourselves through filmmaking.
by Debby Caplunik, Berlin
124% funded
EUR 12’473 pledged
61 backers

A Painter Must Wait

A one-year long performance in monochromatic confinement.
An artistic experiment with time and visual perception.

by Marcin Lodyga, Berlin
1% funded
EUR 449 pledged
9 backers
Photography, Publishing, and Art

Calendar Adelaïde

The adult calendar is both a conventional and a popular format for erotic photography. What we have done is to hijack that format and turn it into a statement of artistic commitment.
by Calendar Adelaïde, Berlin
107% funded
CHF 3’058 pledged
39 backers