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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Arvidsjaur. But this may be of interest to you.
Exhibition, Music, and Art

Inhabited Silences

A sound and poetic installation where the visitors are invited to walk through, exploring sounds, texts and maps of imaginary landscapes. Showed at LiteratureXchange festival in Aarhus (DK).
by SimonC and PaulineJ, Aarhus
19% funded
EUR 895 pledged
14 backers
Exhibition, Music, and Art


«Seemannsgarn sind Erzählungen der Seeleute über deren angebliche Erlebnisse.» Auch die Lieder an Bord und die Seemannsbraut erzählen Geschichten. Mit Nadel und Faden legt sie alle auf’s Kreuz.
by Daniela Mitidieri, Zurich and Hamburg
115% funded
CHF 10’419 pledged
98 backers
Exhibition, Film, and Art

The Laundry - The movie

In every crisis there have been those who waited until it was over, and those who were already one step ahead and had the courage to act to keep doing art and express ourselves through filmmaking.
by Debby Caplunik, Berlin
36% funded
EUR 3’693 pledged
22 days to go
Exhibition, Photography, and Art

César Manrique, Homage 2017

Homage – Tribute to the artist on the 25th anniversary of his death.
César Manrique was an internationally renowned artist, painter, sculptor and environmentalist.
Previously unpublished photographs
by César Manrique – Hommage – Homenaje – Omaggio – Homage 2017 – Linus G. Jauslin, Lanzarote, Zürich, and Berlin
22% funded
EUR 3’591 pledged
21 backers
Exhibition, Publishing, and Art

Road Trip Collage Katalog

Katalog «Road Trip Collage» über Collagen die «on the road» in Europa und Amerika 2016 entstanden. Die Ausstellung ist auf der «CART» classic cars meet contemporary art, RAE FARM bei Berlin
by Marcus, Berlin
5% funded
EUR 144 pledged
8 backers
Exhibition and Art

Scattered Lungs

Scattered Lungs is an Installation project revolving around the topic of «interpersonal relationships» in our time; documented in form of photography, video and dance.
by Werner J Nigg, Berlin
101% funded
EUR 1’015 pledged
9 backers
Exhibition, Music, and Art

If You Are So Smart, Why Ain't You Rich?

An exhibition on the economics of knowledge, in the framework of the 5TH MARRAKECH BIENNALE 2014 «Where are we now?»
by Pauline Doutreluingne and Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, Marrakesh and Berlin
100% funded
EUR 10’090 pledged
61 backers
Exhibition, Publishing, and Art

Substitut – The Book

In spring 2013 Substitut, space for contemporary art from Switzerland in Berlin, will have itʼs 6th anniversary. Together with onlab Substitut publishes a book.
by Urs Küenzi, Berlin
102% funded
CHF 6’130 pledged
52 backers
Exhibition, Photography, and Performing Arts

Le Monde Analogue

We promote a concept where installations of urban analog photographs are decorated with graffiti art during a public performance. Be a part of our 2020 event!
by Anita Krisko, Göttingen
0% funded
EUR 0 pledged
0 backers
Exhibition and Photography

Feldscheunen - Fotografien

Mit atmosphärischen und assoziativ-offenen Bildern habe ich Feldscheunen fotografiert. Die Dokumentation wird den Blick auf die Objekte erhalten, die das Landschaftsbild nachhaltig prägen.
by Bodo Runte, Alsfeld
127% funded
EUR 2’110 pledged
9 backers
Exhibition and Art

Mannheim – Solothurn

Wer als Ausstellungsmacher nicht auf junge oder extrem bekannte Künstlerinnen und Künstler setzt, hat finanztechnisch ein ernsthaftes Problem – das man heute zum Glück crowdfunden kann.
by Verein Gartentor Projekte, Mannheim
103% funded
EUR 4’132 pledged
21 backers
Exhibition and Art

Singularitäter – Ausstellung

Deine Unterstützung hilft uns den Austellungsort – ein ehemaliges Ausflugsgasthaus im Schloss Brunnwald – für das Ausstellungsprojekt zu adaptieren und die kulturelle Landschaft der Region zu beleben.
by Franz Weinbörmayr and Rainer Kocher, Brunnwald
14% funded
EUR 712 pledged
12 backers

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