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Exhibition and Art

Réclusion / Création

Charlotte Salomon et Shamsia Hassani sont deux artistes emblématiques d'une forme de résistance contemporaine, Les CulturElles proposent une exposition à Genève. Aidez-nous à la financer!
by Les CulturElles, Geneva
3% funded
CHF 150 pledged
33 days to go
Exhibition, Startup, and Community

YAJTE, Un avenir épanoui.

Les Jeunes sont l'avenir. YAJTE est une plate-forme des jeunes passionnés par l'entrepreneuriat et l'innovation. YAJTE est une invitation au monde à  poser un autre regard sur la jeunesse avenir de de
by YAJTE(Yaretzi jeunes Talents &ntrepreneurs), Nyon
0% funded
CHF 0 pledged
29 days to go
Exhibition, Design, and Art


21st century myths of the Middle East revisualized | 7 handpulled screen prints inspired by the events of the last 20 years
by 10lcr, Vienna
59% funded
EUR 2’360 pledged
7 days to go
Exhibition, Publishing, and Art

Bruch, Spur, Zeichen

Seit 30 Jahren arbeitet Sabine Müller-Funk in den Bereichen Glaskunst, Konzeptkunst und Kunst in der Natur. Anlässlich ihres 60. Geburtstags würdigen wir ihr Werk mit einer Ausstellung und einem Buch
by Sabine Müller-Funk, Vienna
10% funded
EUR 1’250 pledged
26 days to go
Exhibition, Photography, and Publishing

The Nomadic Way of Life

Nature and Culture: The Nomadic Way of Life in Mongolia is an anthropological study and photographic project to document Mongolian nomadic people, and its relation to the vast wilderness.
by John Sasuya, Geneva
89% funded
CHF 2’225 pledged
6 days to go
Exhibition, art, and Tourism


Die eingestrickten Bäume und Gegenstände rund um unseren Laden gehören allmählich zum Stadtbild von Chur. Die Finanzierung des Projektes können wir nicht mehr alleine tragen.
by donnadacqua, Chur
40% funded
CHF 20’345 pledged
12 days to go
Exhibition, Science, and Community

Sigmund Freud, Berggasse 19

He was a taboo-breaker, creating a new image of man. Number 19 Berggasse, where Freud lived and worked, is undergoing renovation and his museum is to be enlarged. Help us to save this unique landmark!
by Sigmund Freud Museum, Vienna
87% funded
EUR 69’708 pledged
4 days to go
Exhibition, Music, and Community

Cassette Culture Node.Linz

is an exhibition on Cassette Culture that is due to take place in Linz in the spring of 2018 with your help. It is about taking a look at the world with a tape in your hand.
by Wolfgang Dorninger, Linz
95% funded
EUR 6’665 pledged
3 days to go
Exhibition, Photography, and Journalism

Letzte Front

«Wie das Außenministerium in Rom mitteilt, wurde Andrea Rocchelli am 23. Mai 2014 nahe der Rebellenhochburg Slawjansk durch Mörserbeschuss getötet.» (AP 25.05.2014)
by photoscene, Zürich
110% funded
CHF 7’705 pledged
43 backers
Exhibition, Performing arts, and Art

Beyond one's own territory

The exhibition project presents theoretical and artistic exploration and positioning on the topic of territory. International and local artists engage in a dialog through art and theory.
by Anele Rages, Linz
103% funded
EUR 3’095 pledged
41 backers
Exhibition, Photography, and Art

Darkroom Wagon

From 1850 till 1900 photographers needed a darkroom wagon on location to prepare and develop their glas plates. For my engagements in living museums, workshops and as artist I want to build a one.
by Fotokultur, Zürich and Wald
117% funded
CHF 11’710 pledged
43 backers
Exhibition, Publishing, and Art

Il libro di NoPlace 3

La pubblicazione del libro di NoPlace, la mostra del 49º Premio Suzzara tenutasi il 17 settembre 2016, alla quale hanno partecipato 496 artisti provenienti da vari paesi europei.
by NoPlace.Space, Suzzara
102% funded
EUR 7’936 pledged
118 backers