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Photography, Film, and Music

Jeunes Gueules - Album Vario

Ola amigos ! Je travaille depuis plusieurs années sur plusieurs projets, mais il est venu le temps d’en faire un, riche et cohérent, abouti. Je fais appel à votre bonté, chef d’oeuvre en vue. Promis.
by Caoimhin, Sion
3% funded
CHF 345 pledged
36 days to go
Photography, Kids / Youth, and Environment

Projet Tana

Un livre pédagogique Helvético-Malgache. Une démarche pour la conservation de la biodiversité de Madagascar. Des enfants et des caméléons. Rejoignez l'aventure !
by Projet TANA, Geneva and Antananarivo
60% funded
CHF 7’220 pledged
21 days to go
Photography, Publishing, and Literature

L'Appel de la Montagne

Plongez dans l’épopée d’une famille ballotée par les remous de l’Histoire. L’Appel de la Montagne rassemble des mémoires de vie, témoignages, correspondances, poèmes et photos d'époque.
by Vincent, Geneva
23% funded
CHF 1’880 pledged
18 days to go
Photography, Publishing, and Community

FÖHNSTURM – das Buch

Wie «tickt» dieser Mann? Dies haben wir uns gefragt, 25 Mal. Aus diesen Portraits – in Text und Bild – wurde Föhnsturm. Ein Buch über 25 Glarner Männer, gemacht von 11 Glarnerinnen.
by Föhnstürmerinnen, Glarus
97% funded
CHF 7’780 pledged
10 days to go
Photography, Design, and Art

Berlingot #3

BERLINGOT is an erotic annual artbook (bilingual) exploring gender and sexuality fluidity through a selection of international artists.
by BERLINGOT, Toulouse
51% funded
EUR 4’100 pledged
118 backers
Exhibition, Photography, and Performing Arts

Lindsay, 1 year performance

The goal of this experiment was reflecting about the relationships - the love - between ourself and objects, thought as serial products. Through your contributions I am going to exhibit the project.
by Alessio, Zürich
102% funded
CHF 2’554 pledged
49 backers

Cabaret Bizarre – the book

A curiosity cabinet, a freak show, a carnival of desires and a place of debauched lust for life, where the borders between gloomy despair and jovial ecstasy are lasciviously being blurred.
by kostas maros, Basel
103% funded
CHF 18’630 pledged
85 backers
Photography, Publishing, and Design

Traum der Wildnis

Das Buchprojekt «Traum der Wildnis» ist eine 
künsterlische Auseinandersetzung mit dem 
Archiv des Zoo Zürich und zeigt Landschafts-
bilder von Zoos aus aller Welt.
by Sara Arzu, Zürich
107% funded
CHF 2’685 pledged
36 backers
Photography, Environment, and Education strives to ignite a positive spark of «glacial consciousness». With your photographic input we aim to make everyone recognise, understand and appreciate the icy world of glaciers & co.
by, Zürich
125% funded
CHF 6’271 pledged
54 backers
Photography, Publishing, and Community

Schönste Brockis der Schweiz

Ein Buch über Brockenstuben – das erste Buch zu diesem Thema überhaupt. Grossformatige Fotos und poetische Texte führen tief hinein in das faszinierende Universum der 20 schönsten Brockis der Schweiz.
by, Basel
108% funded
CHF 5’441 pledged
55 backers
Photography and Publishing

«MEN – A story of Boys»

MEN * is a Photographic Body of Work Portraying the Story of Young coming of age Boys & their Masculinity. Theire problems, dreams and ideas in a world with strict Binary views of gender and Manhood.
by Ernesto, Basel
116% funded
CHF 2’905 pledged
38 backers
Exhibition and Photography

Ausstellung Shaping Colours

Es ist schon länger mein Traum eine eigene Ausstellung zu machen. Ich wurde während dem Fotografieren von der Injugi in Basel angesprochen um dort meine Fotos zu zeigen. Somit ergriff ich die Chance!
by Lucie Anderrüti, Basel
106% funded
CHF 1’590 pledged
21 backers