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Film, Journalism, and Community

Joy for the Planet

Armed with my camera, microphone and pencils, I am embarking on an adventure featuring joy around the world to show the beauty beyond the shadows and to give a a helping hand along the way.
by Isabelle Alexandrine Bourgeois, Giez and Giez
124% funded
CHF 18’600 pledged
107 backers
Photography, Journalism, and Literature

Destins croisés

Publication du livre «Aidants, aidés – Destins croisés», par Nicole von Kaenel, photographies de Sarah Carp. Un projet porté par l'Association Belles Pages.
by Association Belles Pages, Lausanne, Yverdon-les-Bains, and Vevey
113% funded
CHF 10’466 pledged
54 backers
Science, Journalism, and Environment

Une Citadine dans la Brousse

Un podcast entre rires et apprentissage qui t’amène dans la nature. Aide-nous à concrétiser ce projet qui nous tient à cœur et à valoriser la création sonore !
by Maeva & Audrey, Jorat-Mézières
116% funded
CHF 5’845 pledged
50 backers
Journalism, Community, and Environment

Rendez-vous mit Morgen

An Bord meines Wohnmobils werde ich in den nächsten 18 Monaten quer durch Europa reisen, um die inspirierendsten Menschen zu treffen, sie zu interviewen und so ihre schönen Projekte bekannt zu machen.
by Living Earth Angels and Catharina, Lausanne
118% funded
CHF 29’576 pledged
106 backers
Journalism and Community

La belle étoile – podcast

Un podcast qui raconte des parcours inspirés et inspirants pour briser le tabou de la santé mentale; des histoires de vie qu’on écoute à la belle étoile car c’est dans la nuit qu'on les voit filer!
by Auriane Page, Lausanne
53% funded
CHF 5’321 pledged
29 backers
Journalism and Technology

Crypto Post

Application centralizing all the news on the world of Bitcoin and its Blockchain. With a total of 85 different sources. The application will be available in 6 languages.
by Crypto-Advice, Lausanne
0% funded
CHF 26 pledged
1 backer
Science, Journalism, and Environment

App' Cosmétiques

Mon shampoing est-il nocif pour ma santé? Grâce à votre aide, la FRC développera une app mobile gratuite qui signalera si les substances contenues dans vos cosmétiques sont à risque ou pas.
by La Fédération romande des consommateurs, Lausanne
240% funded
CHF 38’411 pledged
650 backers
Publishing, Journalism, and Environment

Investigating murky waters

Laying the facts bare can change the world. Support two unprecedented and essential investigations to shine a spotlight on the dubious practices used by Swiss companies in poor countries.
by Public Eye, Lausanne and Zürich
207% funded
CHF 31’131 pledged
325 backers
Publishing, Journalism, and Literature

Revue La cinquième saison

La cinquième saison est une revue littéraire. Nous publions de la création et de la critique littéraire en Suisse romande.
by Association des amis de la 5ème saison, Vevey, Lausanne, and Geneva
112% funded
CHF 15’750 pledged
193 backers
Film and Journalism

Celebrating in the Andes

The aim of this project is the realization of an ethnographic film on an indigenous festival in the Otavalo region, which shows the activities that take place and how the protagonists conceive them.
by Jérémie, Biel/Bienne, Otavalo, and Lausanne
23% funded
CHF 1’655 pledged
25 backers
Publishing, Journalism, and Tourism

La Ficelle

A new media about Lausanne available online and on paper.
by Association Allumette, Lausanne
125% funded
CHF 10’014 pledged
138 backers
Film and Journalism

CarPills Show

More than just cars. Our benchmark is entertainment and humour. We don't care too much about technical terminology, we care more about fun. Without forgetting some romantic stuff either.
by CarPills, Lutry and Zürich
0% funded
CHF 0 pledged
0 backers