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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Petrópolis. But this may be of interest to you.
Music and Community

Ich hab' kein Heimatland

Das Projekt der Churer Sängerin Martina Hug entstand im Winter 2016 während ihres Aufenthalts in Buenos Aires. Nun steht eine CD Produktion bevor.
by Martina Hug, Buenos Aires and Chur
126% funded
CHF 7’015 pledged
79 backers
Film and Music

Gran Copas Y Mas

Wir, PORN TO HULA, organisieren anlässlich unseres 20jährigen Bestehens unter anderem eine Konzert- und Filmpräsentationstournee durch Süd Amerika.
by Porn To Hula, Linz, Santiago, and Buenos Aires
100% funded
EUR 5’032 pledged
50 backers

Tango Indigo en Argentine

L’ensemble TANGO INDIGO est invité en Argentine à représenter Genève et la Suisse lors de la «Cumbre Mundial del Tango» qui se déroulera du 1er au 7 mars 2015 à Zarate-Buenos-Aires.
by TANGO INDIGO, Buenos Aires
102% funded
CHF 4’100 pledged
31 backers

Mizar cultural centre

Mizar is a space for musical formation, a centre of events: concerts, festivals, exhibitions. Mizar is a socio-cultural centre for the city, deeply democratic and innovating in the means and methods.
by MIZAR association, Mar del Plata
112% funded
CHF 5’623 pledged
20 backers
Music, Community, and Education

Musique éducation solidarité

Le Trio Eole souhaite intervenir au sein de la fondation «Bolivia Clasica» à La Paz en Bolivie afin d’y enseigner et d’apporter des instruments de musique ainsi que du matériel.
by Trio Eole, La Paz
106% funded
CHF 5’342 pledged
81 backers
Music and Performing Arts


Concert théâtral sur l’identité et la mémoire réunissant 15 artistes de 5 nationalités différentes.
Histoires slammées autour des cheveux, des attentats du Bataclan et de la dictature chilienne.
by Claudia Saldivia Vega, Orbe, Ferney-Voltaire, and Puerto Montt
116% funded
CHF 5’840 pledged
53 backers
Music, Community, and Kids / Youth

Espoir Enfants du Cap-Vert

Délivrer aux étudiants des îles rurales du Cap-Vert, le matériel médical et scolaire nécessaire afin d’accéder à une éducation et qui sont particulièrement nécessiteux.
by Projet Afrokizomba pour les enfants du cap vert, Praia
33% funded
CHF 3’320 pledged
53 backers
Music, Kids / Youth, and Education

The Mirabell Project

Para info en español, click en italiano (I)
5 musicians from Austria travel to Colombia for three weeks to get in touch with local musicians and music lovers via concerts, workshops and masterclasses.
by The Mirabell Project, Medellín, Bogotá, and Bucaramanga
19% funded
EUR 480 pledged
9 backers

Überyou – Southamerica-Tour

This summer we’re gonna be touring through 7 countries in Southamerica – the highlight of our bandhistory! Support us to make this happen and you’ll get great rewards in return, olé
by Überyou, Medellín, Buenos Aires, and Havana
126% funded
CHF 12’525 pledged
82 backers

CD Release Concert

During the last two years I recorded my third album «Pedeyfou» by my own means. Now I would like to present it at the Palais de Peuple in my hometown Conakry, Guinea.
by Dounia in Contact and Amara Damba, Conakry
2% funded
EUR 55 pledged
3 backers
Music, Festival, and Dance

A festival for Banfora

We want to create a platform where to showcase the abundant musical and cultural patrimony from all cultural scenes in Burkina Faso and are thrilled about a second edition of the SACULBA festival.
by Adrian and Moussa, Banfora
38% funded
EUR 23’990 pledged
23 backers
Music, Community, and Kids / Youth

Musik, gelebte Gemeinsamkeit

Gemeinsam für Gemeinsamkeit sammeln. Musik, mehr als nur schöne Töne. Wir möchten mit eurer Hilfe ein Schulorchester in Costa Rica wieder zum Leben erwecken. Eine Schule möchte wieder musizieren!
by Renate Saladin, Alajuela
121% funded
CHF 9’125 pledged
36 backers