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Science and Environment

Wetterstation Mauren

Nach vier Wetterstationen im Liechtensteiner Oberland soll auch im Unterland eine erste Station zur Föhnerfassung installiert werden. Ein Projekt, dass bei jedem Wetter eine Investition Wert ist!
by Kenny Vogt, Mauren
256% funded
CHF 7’698 pledged
44 backers

»Smotion« – against smokeodor

I determine as a privat person the most effective anti-smoke-mixture by scientific tests and prepare it in form of a hand cream.
by InnovationsHead, St Gallen
20% funded
CHF 1’000 pledged
1 backer
Science and Education

Emotions in Management

This project is part of my PhD thesis at the University of St.Gallen. I want to find out how emotions and personal relationships influence startup founders’ & managers’ behavior.
by Anne Rickelt, St. Gallen
211% funded
CHF 21’111 pledged
52 backers
Science, Startup, and Community

Alzheimer Krankheit

Entwicklung eines Speicheltestes zur Früherkennung der Alzheimer Krankheit.
by Mesencell Biotech GmbH, Saint Gallen
5% funded
CHF 200 pledged
2 backers
Science, tourism, and Education

Study Week Gdansk 2019

Wir sind 8 Tourismus-Studentinnen der HTW Chur und reisen für ein Studienprojekt in den Norden Polens. Für jede Unterstützung unserer Forschungsreise nach Danzig sind wir äusserst dankbar!
by StudyWeekGdansk, Chur
117% funded
CHF 2’340 pledged
27 backers
Science, tourism, and Environment

Verhinderung Massentourismus

Wir sind acht Studenten, die Tourismus an der HTW Chur studieren. Anfang Juni werden wir uns auf den Azoren mit dem Forschungsthema «Verhinderung von Massentourismus» auseinandersetzen.
by Studyweek Azoren, Chur
206% funded
CHF 4’124 pledged
24 backers
Science, art, and Environment

Biohack Retreat Klöntal 2017

Biohacking is Citizen Science! With YOU we enable this unique global gathering of biohackers and artists to give you an insight of how an open collaborative exchange can rethink the world we live in.
by dusjagr and Maya Minder, Glarus and Zürich
243% funded
CHF 18’288 pledged
51 backers
Science, Politics, and Community

Impuls Forum

Interessierte Menschen mit spannenden Vorträgen zusammenbringen und inspirieren.
by Willy Hollenstein and Hanspeter Körner, Wil
101% funded
CHF 30’540 pledged
21 backers
Science, architecture, and Environment

Living in the KREIS House

What does sustainable living look like and in particular, how does it feel? In the KREIS House, visitors experience a sustainable life style, and at the same time become part of a research project.
by Devi and Laila, Hombrechtikon
153% funded
CHF 30’639 pledged
127 backers
Science, Fashion, and Environment

Local Colours II

The Local Colours project is a more sustainable alternative for industrial textile dyeing – Swiss linen, regional waste, natural colours and local partners.
by Carys Schutzbach & Achim Ecker (ZHAW), Caroline Fourré, and krismller, Wädenswil and Zürich
88% funded
CHF 13’267 pledged
21 days to go
Exhibition, Science, and Technology

Vegetables on the moon

How can we feed astronauts in environments where no life exists? We are building a highly efficient system that can offer the optimal conditions for vegetables to grow sustainably, even on a moon.
by Edi, Lucerne and Wädenswil
186% funded
CHF 11’215 pledged
48 backers
Science, agriculture, and Environment

Diversity for agriculture

Help all farmers find the adapted solutions to diversify their crops, develop niche products and survive climate and economic changes!
by ZHAW Geography of Food, Wädenswil
30% funded
CHF 6’180 pledged
59 backers

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