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Startup, Design, and Technology

49.5 Lampe LED d'ambiance

Réalisation d’une lampe LED d’ambiance
by Liebetrau Pascal Consulting Sàrl, Boudry
14% funded
CHF 3’136 pledged
12 backers
Food, Startup, and Technology


We will create a restaurant / bar with a menu with I-pad and will include the culture of Mediterranean gastronomy.
by thevais, Neuchâtel
0% funded
CHF 0 pledged
0 backers
Startup, Technology, and Tourism

Le projet Pindex

Pindex est une application pour smartphones totalement gratuite vous permettant de trouver des activités et des événements de manière personnalisée, selon vos préférences et vos envies.
by Pindex - Duran, Pantet & Colombo, Neuchâtel and La Chaux-de-Fonds
9% funded
CHF 920 pledged
13 backers
Startup, Community, and Technology


Le projet consiste à orchestrer la rencontre de célibataires recherchant une relation sérieuse grâce à un concept de speed dating vidéo via une application mobile.
by Vanvy, Neuchâtel
0% funded
CHF 0 pledged
0 backers

Swisscloud 2017

Avec le SWISSCLOUD de One Evolution, protégez vos données et ne cédez plus au chantage! Participez à la création d’un Cloud 100% SUISSE, inviolable, de proximité et confidentiel.
by Data Evolution SA, Yverdon-les-Bains
2% funded
CHF 820 pledged
3 backers
Music and Technology

The goal of Reponse Studio

The goal of this project is to update Reponse Studio, which will allow to expand in terms of musical projects and to have a more competitive studio in terms of quality.
by David Torr (Reponse Studio), Marin-Epagnier
0% funded
CHF 75 pledged
1 backer
Film and Technology

Paillard Bolex - The Movie

Behind every Bolex is the tradition of combined craftsmanship - that of the watchmaker - the engineer - the physicist.

Discover how this small swiss fine mechanics industry conquered the world.
by alexandre favre, Sainte-Croix
19% funded
CHF 3’885 pledged
24 backers
Festival, art, and Technology


Elux+Schenkel present the «PinballHouse» at the Murten Licht-Festival 2017. Transforming the front of a building into a playing area, everyone is invited to play and to create a light painting with every new game.
by Elux + Schenkel, Murten
102% funded
CHF 4’310 pledged
48 backers
Startup, Technology, and Environment

Multi-usage waste compactor

A manual multi-compactor for your home waste: e-crush. It reduces 60 liters of waste into 17 liters and can also reduce plastic bottles and aluminium. It’s a true home sorting center.
by Waste Allocation Systems, Zurich, Orbe, and Lausanne
130% funded
CHF 26’170 pledged
87 backers
Design, Community, and Technology

Un FabLab à Fribourg

Notre association a pour but d’ouvrir un FabLab sur Fribourg. Un FabLab est un espace destiné à la création personnelle dans la lignée des «makers» et du «do it yourself».
by FabLab Fribourg – Freiburg, Fribourg
163% funded
CHF 3’268 pledged
37 backers

Rencontre Internationale d’Oldtimers RIO

The past takes off! Flying machines full of history gathered on the airfield of Fribourg. An ephemeral museum offerd to the public during a weekend.
by Association pour la Promotion du Patrimoine Aéronautique, Fribourg
10% funded
CHF 570 pledged
7 backers
Design and Technology

Joaillerie Hi-Tech «XXI»

Avec votre soutien, nous pouvons lancer la production «XXI». Twenty-one est son nom car elle est réalisable uniquement grâce à des technologies du vingt-et-unième siècle. Un projet avant-gardiste !
by BijouterieXG, Fribourg
11% funded
CHF 280 pledged
2 backers

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