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Community, Sport, and Tourism

Gemeinsam sind wir stark!

Meine 11 Schlittenhunde und mich trifft die Corona-Krise schon ein 2. Mal. Bereits im Frühling hiess es Lockdown/Grenzen dicht und den Gäste absagen. Jetzt erneut Absagen und Buchungsstornierungen.
by Malamut Nordic Dream, Arvidsjaur
119% funded
CHF 23’801 pledged
126 backers
Community, Sport, and Tourism

Together we are invincible

Our huskies and we are already experiencing the second Corona wave up close for the third time. At the moment we’re still standing with both feet on the sled, but we’re slowly losing our balance.
by Husky Abenteuer Rönnliden - Thomas und Nina, Glommersträsk
131% funded
CHF 19’761 pledged
78 backers
Publishing and Environment

Through Swedens wild side

Fact: 80 years old Karlernst is about to conquer one of Europe’s most remote and wildest nature reserves with his 6 sleddogs. The book: A tribute to nature’s dignity in balance with mans life.
by Karlernst Hauser and Fabienne Theiler, Abisko
25% funded
EUR 580 pledged
11 backers

Mitternachtssonne, Norwegen.

Eine Reise in den Norden, um die Energie der Natur zu nutzen und sich von den mit der psychischen Krankheit verbundenen Schwierigkeiten zu lösen. Ein Erfahrung, um aus dem schweren Alltag auszusteigen
by Sonneyj, Reine
116% funded
CHF 4’640 pledged
58 backers
Community, Kids / Youth, and Environment


A sustainable wilderness camp in northern Finland. Animal-assisted therapy work with Huskies. Especially for children and people affected by burnout symptoms.
by NaaliTours, Inari
43% funded
CHF 6’525 pledged
40 backers

66° Nord, aux limites

Dear readers, I ask for your help to get the opportunity to start a photographic project on the Arctic and Subarctic Regions!
by Sandrine G, Å, Joutsa, and Vevey
104% funded
CHF 4’161 pledged
58 backers
Photography, art, and Education

Maturaarbeit Ronja Nidecker

Meine Maturaarbeit über das Licht in Finnland braucht deine finanzielle Unterstützung!
by Ronja Nidecker, Basel and Pojo
102% funded
CHF 2’051 pledged
21 backers
Photography and Publishing

Metsästä / From The Woods

ANNE GOLAZ's coming photography book: METSÄSTÄ! A bewitching story, taking place in the heart of the Finnish forest! Published by KEHRER Verlag! Welcome to take a look into the Nordic woods!
by anne golaz, Helsinki and Lausanne
103% funded
CHF 2’580 pledged
24 backers
Film, Sport, and Environment

No Plastic Horizon – Le Film

Film documentaire sur une traversée de l'Europe à vélo sans consommation de plastique à usage unique et sensibilisation à la problématique de la pollution plastique.
by Hervé Pfister, Skarsvåg and Tarifa
103% funded
CHF 7’210 pledged
116 backers
Fashion and Design

The Mystery Pouch

The mystery pouch is full of premium surprises. Handmade, exclusive and customized items with minimum worth of Eur125 and above.
by The Mystery Pouch, Stockholm
0% funded
EUR 0 pledged
0 backers
Film and Music


Fonko is a documentary film depicting contemporary Africa through an avalanche of striking, innovative and visual music, narrated by Africa’s greatest music revolutionary, Fela Kuti.
by First Hand Films, Lars Lovén, and Lamin Daniel Jadama, Stockholm and Zurich
4% funded
EUR 2’206 pledged
30 backers

Fred – Debut EP

Nach vielen Jahren des Musizierens wage ich mich nun an eine EP. Die selbstgeschriebenen Songs nehmen immer mehr Form an und finden hoffentlich schon bald in deinen Ohren anklang. Yeah.
by Jael, Giske and Zürich
117% funded
CHF 11’759 pledged
70 backers

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