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Exhibition, art, and Environment

Kunstausstellung in Peking

Als junger Künstler bekomme ich die Chance meine Serie «5 Elements of Nature» in Peking im Archive Art Museum auszustellen. Eine grosse Chance, wozu ich deine Hilfe brauche! Ich danke dir.
by Art by Maximo, Beijing and Bern
69% funded
CHF 6’035 pledged
11 backers
Photography and Publishing

Ordos, the stillborn city

The world’s biggest new city, Ordos, is under construction in the desert of northern China. It has everything fancier than the others, but still lacks the most essential: its people.
by Adrien Golinelli, Ordos
166% funded
CHF 13’302 pledged
66 backers
Politics, art, and Environment

Das dritte Land - Art Garden

In the heart of the once divided city of Berlin we will create a poetic landscape that brings the still divided Korea together by means of plants and flowers. Help us start a dialogue!
by Keum Art Projects, Seung Hwoe Kim, and Han Seok Hyun, Berlin and Seoul
107% funded
EUR 32’270 pledged
143 backers
Music and Performing Arts

Délit de Cuivre Récidive

Tournée en Corée, et avenir du spectacle Récidive.
by Joel Musy, Seoul
101% funded
CHF 5’090 pledged
55 backers
Photography, Publishing, and Sport

A l'école de la route

Après 4 ans autour du monde à vélo, Chris Gionchetta est de retour en Suisse la tête, l’appareil photo et les sacoches de vélo pleins de souvenirs qu'il désire partager avec un livre !
by A l’école de la route, Seoul, Vancouver, and Bishkek
116% funded
CHF 5’222 pledged
68 backers
Science, Politics, Kids / Youth, and Education

Kantonsschule am Brühl WYEF

Wir, 14 wissbegierige Jugendliche, wollen unser Schulwissen anwenden und über unsere heutige Wirtschaft diskutieren. Darum gehen wir ans World Youth Economic Forum in Shanghai!
by Kantonsschule am Brühl WYEF, Shanghai
42% funded
CHF 1’180 pledged
15 backers
Startup, Design, and Art

Damien Hirst for Sale

A Hirst belongs in every art collector's bathroom. Now available as a design object for the masses. 100% handmade in China, cheaper & more durable than any other Hirst you can find on the art market.
by Jeremie Jean-Ferdinand Maret, Shanghai, Zürich, and Basel
101% funded
EUR 42’420 pledged
106 backers
Politics, Kids / Youth, and Education

World Youth Economic Forum

Wir, eine Gruppe von 14 Schülerinnen und Schülern des GymNeufeld, reisen ans WYEF 2017 in Shanghai. Dort tauschen wir uns mit Studierenden aus der ganzen Welt über aktuelle wirtschaftliche Themen aus.
by Gymnasium Neufeld WR, Beijing, Shanghai, and Bern
166% funded
CHF 6’671 pledged
37 backers
Politics, Kids / Youth, and Education

World Youth Economic Forum

Über 9000 km von zu Hause entfernt diskutieren wir, 14 Schüler vom GymNeufeld, am WYEF mit anderen jungen Leuten aus aller Welt über sozioökonomische Probleme der Welt.
by Gymnasium Neufeld WR, Bern, Shanghai, and Beijing
162% funded
CHF 4’860 pledged
38 backers

Coffee in Good Spirits WM:TP

Coffee in Good Spirits - ein Ding der Unmöglichkeit? Spitzenkaffee und Spirituosen können mehr sein als Kaffee mit Obstbrand, Amaretto oder Baileys. Mit eurer Hilfe zeige ich euch wie und warum!
by Theresa, Shanghai
16% funded
CHF 251 pledged
7 backers
Photography and Publishing

Shanghigh – Love Hate Punk

The book «Shanghigh – Love Hate Punk» reveals a perspective on China as you’ve never seen it before. It is a travel in time that captures the essence of my relationship to Superman, a Chinese Punk.
by Martina Strul, Shanghai
102% funded
CHF 20’512 pledged
96 backers

A Shanghai Documentary

A young cinema student leaving for 50 days to Shanghai with one goal: let you discover the mind-blowing inside of the current lifestyle in the most populated city of the Middle Empire.
by Vincent Willommet, Shanghai
100% funded
CHF 1’000 pledged
11 backers