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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Tucson. But this may be of interest to you.
Film and Community

Oneness and Beyond

A documentary film about the current change of human consciousness from separation and suffering towards oneness - about the journey of awakening, accompanied by beautiful images from nature.
by Fabienne Mathier Filmproduktion, Zürich and Sedona
104% funded
CHF 22’000 pledged
112 backers
Science, Technology, and Education

EPFL Rocket Team

Soutenez une équipe d’étudiants de l’EPFL et aidez les à construire un engin capable d’atteindre 3’048 mètres d'altitude et remporter la plus grande compétition internationale de fusées.
by EPFL Rocket Team, Truth or Consequences
219% funded
CHF 4’390 pledged
21 backers
Performing arts, art, and Dance

Dance with me in L.A. !

En 2020, je réalise mon rêve. J’ai la chance de participer aux championnats du monde des arts à Los Angeles. Pour y arriver, j’ai besoin de vous! Participez à cette aventure avec moi!
by Christelle Heitz, Los Angeles
101% funded
CHF 8’100 pledged
57 backers
Community, Environment, and Education

Phuong's climate trainings

... is Phuong Hoang's journey to become a Climate reality fighter, to learn deeply our Mother Earth and environment issues in different continents, to encourage the local youths to take action.
by Phuong Hoang, Los Angeles, Hanoi, and Berlin
107% funded
EUR 1’290 pledged
27 backers

around the world

Ich möchte in einem überschaubaren finanziellen Rahmen die Welt so abwechslungsreich wie möglich bereisen!
by fabianperfler, Los Angeles, Berlin, and London
0% funded
EUR 100 pledged
1 backer
Performing Arts

Yessi Goes USA

New year, new place, new life! I got accepted to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. In January 2017, I will move across the sea and live the American dream. Be a supporter and help me on my way.
by YessiGoesUSA, Los Angeles
15% funded
CHF 1’526 pledged
19 backers

Oswalls – 5 Track E.P

One acoustic guitar, some lyrics, lots of inspirations and a passion that can’t be contained. This is what inspired this project. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did creating it.
by Oswalls, Lausanne, Los Angeles, and Paris
100% funded
CHF 1’810 pledged
16 backers

Takes Two To Tango

We are going to travel through the US to have an exchange with American musicians. Our experiences will be captuered in a film and a music album. Help us with the realization and be part of it.
by Anna Rossinelli, Basel, New York, and Los Angeles
103% funded
CHF 51’579 pledged
248 backers

Songs without words

Patrick Rapold widmet sein 4. Solo-Album dem lyrischen Aspekt der Klavierliteratur. Geplant sind 14 Tracks, bekanntes und weniger bekanntes aber nur wunderschönes von Bach bis Rachmaninov.
by Patrick Rapold, Los Angeles
112% funded
CHF 5’640 pledged
29 backers

Hello Peter

«Hello Peter» ist eine Retrospektive über die Arbeit meines Patenonkels – des Schweizer Starfotografen Peter Borsari – und wirft einen Blick in die goldenen Zeiten der Hollywood-Traumfabrik zwischen 1970 und 1985.
by Mario Hipleh, Los Angeles and Zurich
16% funded
CHF 806 pledged
16 backers
Photography, Publishing, and Journalism

Sequoias beim Wachsen ...

zusehen - ein Fotobuch

Grossartige Landschaften, Zeichnungen und Skizzen und Texte über Menschen und Geschichte(n). Einen Blick hinter die Kulissen oder die Fassade? Schauen, staunen aufsaugen.
by Emanuel_H, Moab, San Francisco, and Bend
3% funded
CHF 300 pledged
1 backer

Creating Lumps for Serenity

Join the refugees and crew of spaceship Serenity. Take part in retelling the story with your creative «lumps», or simply enjoy the show. Help us beta test storytelling of Serenity using metagravy.
by metagravy, Lausanne, Seattle, and San Francisco
32% funded
EUR 270 pledged
5 backers

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