What does Kibitz stand for

In times of uncertainty, there is one thing that we all have in common, our passion for sport. Regardless of where we come from, which profession we practise or which language we speak, sport connects us. Whether you were born here, moved for the sake of love, whether a professional from America, a refugee from Syria or an exchange student from India, sport brings people together, who would have otherwise never met. What does Kibitz stand for? Kibitz stands for unity! A united Community from all parts of the world. We want to include you, our users and our business partners in all of our progresses and developments. That way we can grow as a sporting community of equality.

Why we need you, our user

Even though we love sport, we are not experts in all types of sport. This is why we want you to be involved in the launch of Kibitz! Crowdfunding becomes Crowdstorming (brainstorming to the power of thousands). Have a say in what Kibitz should be focusing on, which partners we should approach, which sports you want covered. Kibitz is your baby as much as it is ours. Share your thoughts (and your money) to help us mold Kibitz to your liking.

Why we need you, our partners

Every sport fan has different desires, which is why it is important for us to be able to offer a variety of locations in which our users can watch a variety of sports. The business partners we would like to have on board include bars, cafes, restaurants or public viewing locations that broadcast sport. To cover our overheads, Kibitz partners are charged a monthly fee (free of charge for all users). The benefit to you is the exposure that we offer to a growing Kibitz Community in order to increase customer traffic. Also international exchange students who may not have realised you show sport, would count as potential customers.

How will your money be used

We want to grow with you and in order to do this, we will divulge the future plans for Kibitz and the features that we want to develop. The amounts listed consist of the estimated cost of resources (design, programming, personnel) that we require to implement the feature.

Our target is €3,000 but we are of course extremely grateful for every amount that brings us that one step closer to realising our overall goal of €13,810. As soon as all features have been completed, we will thank you for your trust by honouring you, your loved ones or your sporting hero with one «Hour of Power» for each €1 that you invest here.

The first functions are set at €0 because the majority of each has been completed. In reality we have invested almost €8,000 in their development.

  • 0€ – Partner registration: Kibitz Partners are provided with a profile in which to update their weekly sporting program. The Partner profiles present all necessary information in order for the sport fan to make the informed decision of where to watch (including the sport program, WiFi, smoking/non-smoking, pet friendly, child friendly, etc.).
  • 0€ – First version: Includes a map where you can filter Kibitz Partners (bars etc.) according to specific types of sport, teams, tournament and location.
  • 5.810€ – Blog/Newsletter: In order for us to employ a student in the discipline of sport or journalism on a part-time basis. This way we can communicate with you on a regular basis to report sporting results and inform you of updates to Kibitz.
  • 2.000€ – User registration: As a user, this feature allows you to create and update your own profile in order to specify your favourite sports, tournaments, teams or bars so that you only receive relevant information. In addition to this you will be able to use the following features:
  • 1.000€ – Waiting list: As a user, you can add sporting events not being broadcast in your area, to a waiting list. Bars can access this list and decide whether to broadcast a listed sporting event in order to attract new customers.
  • 2.000€ – Invite friends: Allows users to organise an event and invite like-minded people to a bar in order to watch a sporting event as a group.
  • 1.000€ – Check In: Users can check in online in order to inform friends as to their whereabouts.
  • 1.000€ – Rate bars: Following on from the previous feature, you will be asked to rate the bar you checked in to. To compensate for your marketing of the bar, we will negotiate with them a reward for your participation. In addition to this, the accumulated rankings of each week will decide the «Bar of the Week» which will be announced and shared on our website and all our associated media channels.
  • 1.000€ – User survey: In case multiple sporting events are available at the same time, bars are able to start a survey to determine which event is the most popular.

Our thanks to you

We don’t sit in front of the computer all the time. We want to go out and meet the Kibitz Community and we’re sure you feel the same way. Get involved and become a proud Kibitz-Supporter: Receive a Kibitz branded sporting accessory, watch the Euro with us or join us at our launch event in Vienna. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Unser Dankeschön

Wir sitzen nicht dauernd vor dem Computer, wir wollen auch mal raus und vor allem euch die Kibitz Community treffen. Und dir geht es sicher auch so. Beteilige dich und werde stolzer Kibitz-Supporter: Erhalte einen Kibitz Sportartikel, schaue mit uns die EM oder schließe dich unserer Launch Veranstaltung in Wien an. Wir freuen uns dich kennenzulernen!