We want to expand Bern Unverpackt and thus further develop the product range and regional partnerships. At the same time we are developing into a Food Co-operative.

CHF 16’000

106% of CHF 15’000

106 %
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

181 backers

Successfully concluded on 17/1/2021

This is what it's all about.

Bern Unverpackt is a nonprofit association that has been running a bulk store in the Mattenhof neighborhood in Bern since August 2018. We are a colorful, sociocratic organized team that is working on a voluntary basis for a common cause.

We now have a unique opportunity: As of 2021 we can triple our sales area and thus offer a larger range of products and support even more producers from the region!

Ein Teil unseres Teams
Ein Teil unseres Teams

Our project is special because ...

The last few months have again shown how important local value chains are. Therefore, we would like to expand our product range in order to be able to purchase even more goods directly from regional producers at fair prices.

As an established bulk store in Bern, we would like to become a real alternative to the large food distribution chains and the dominating agricultural models in our region in the medium term.

To this end, we are planning to reorganize Bern Unverpackt as a Food Co-op, which will belong to everyone who participates. The idea is simple: The members work a few hours a month in the store and benefit from lower prices and can shape the store and its products as co-owners.

We are happy to be able to continue to operate our growing store in the Villa Stucki neighborhood center. We would like to continue to contribute to the development of the Villa Stucki, revitalize it and make it a meeting and exchange place for the topics of zero waste, sustainable food and alternative economic forms.

  • Feine «Strozzapreti» vom GmüesEsel (BE)
    Feine «Strozzapreti» vom GmüesEsel (BE)
  • Solide Shampoos von Groen Labo (VD)
    Solide Shampoos von Groen Labo (VD)
  • Ahorn Granola aus Mittelhäusern (BE)
    Ahorn Granola aus Mittelhäusern (BE)

This is what we need backing for.

With your contribution….

From CHF 15’000 we can expand our shop and…

  • design the new store area to make bulk buying even more pleasant.
  • further expand the unique product range. We are already implementing some ideas for the expansion of our regional and bulk products - taking your wishes into account.

From CHF 20’000 we can additionally …

  • set up a DIY corner. Soon you will be able to process cereals (grind or crush them into flakes), grind your coffee, and much more.
  • offer workshops and events about Zero Waste / Sustainable Food.

From CHF 25’000 we will have the means to…

  • develop our association in the direction of a Food Co-op and bear the related (administrative) costs.
  • give the association financial security
  • extend the opening hours according to the wishes of members and customers
Der Laden in der Villa Stucki
Der Laden in der Villa Stucki