Let's consume fresher organic & equitable spices

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Yaksha is a future online grocery selling organic and fair trade spices from a single origin.

Why spices are still not all certified fair trade? Why is the spice distribution chain so opaque? Together we want to guarantee a new way of consuming spices.

You know where your coffee, tea, chocolate and bananas are coming from, but do you know the place where your spices were grown and produced? For instance, have a look right now at your box of cloves in your kitchen cupboard. On ours, the origin is mentioned as follows: «Asia, Africa». Don’t you find it is considerably lacking transparency? People use spices like black pepper every day but have no idea where they came from and how they were delivered until your home door.

Moreover, a spice is better when it’s fresh. Due to a high number of middlemen, the spice has often passed through several hands, trucks, warehouses, which makes its transport time extended. The time it arrived at the supermarket, the taste is (almost) gone.

Also, in supermarkets, the size of the packaging is not adapted to the volume consumed. The spice loses are large, such a waste. And not to mention the taste that has reduced also drastically in your kitchen, staying for several months or even years sometimes.

In addition, when you shop at the market, the provenance is also rarely mentioned and most of the time is just «unknown». Vendors are selling large quantities, frequently on market stalls, which demonstrate a lack of hygiene and generate a loss of flavor.

Vanilla, pepper, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cumin, cloves, saffron, coriander, turmeric … Rediscover the intense and unique flavors of these spices and consume more responsibly and more sustainably.

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Reinventing a new and ethical way of consuming spices

The spices are delivered directly from the farm to your home, ensuring optimal freshness and better taste. Forget the waste and the middlemen!

We will meet directly spice producers around the world to bring back high-quality spices respecting the environment and human rights. We want to maintain close relationships with each of our partners by creating strong relationships and long-term partnerships. We recognize the importance of their well-being. They are the ones who have the know-how of cultivating high-quality spices. We must guarantee them financial stability and better social conditions.

A contract will be established with each farm that meets our demanding standards. The protocols that farmers will have to respect are based on sustainability and human dignity. Preventing child labor, regulating working conditions and organic farming.

The current pattern of spice routing is outdated, based on a «colonialist» model. Yaksha innovates by selling spices directly to the consumer while reducing social inequalities between sellers and farmers. Indeed, a grey area benefits to resellers who are hiding on purpose the origin and unjustly increase their financial margins.

It’s also essential to ensure a complete traceability of spices grown at the other side of the world to ensure transparency along the entire supply chain. No more spices will be mixed with others since the sale is direct, between the farmers, Yaksha and you.

Finally, Yaksha gives you a real meaning to your purchase by supporting organic farms around the world.

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Creating value for both consumers & local communities

  • Create a new spice supply chain based on ethical and equitable values ​​by bypassing the middlemen. We will be directly in contact with the farmers in order to guarantee them better social conditions and give meaning to your purchase.

  • Provide you organic high-quality spices with a better taste for the same price.

  • Offer you transparency in the purchase of spices due to the direct sales. The spices will come only from a single farm. The supply chain is now opaque and the spices came from multiple origins.

Your contributions will help us to develop our activities. The use of your funds will allow us to import and build up the first stocks of spices and creating a complete online grocery store.

Your support is essential to launch this project full-time from today!

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