The following day nobody died.

The book opens with an absurd scenario: how would society be if death stopped working within the borders of a nation?

What if, instead, she suddenly decided to send violet-colored envelopes to her victims a week before their deaths?

And what would happen when one of these letters never arrived to its receiver?

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Death with a lowercase letter «d».

The narrative begins with a general view on the disarranged society and shifts towards the impact on the individuals. Afterwards it focuses on the character of death, personifying her and following her path as well as her thoughts.

This has brought us, group of actors, to question ourselves on the role of death in our lives; in the different moments where we felt it close or distant, wondering what makes us feel alive.

Narration, dance, music and dramaturgy are the elements we are going to use in the production of the show. Through the use of our bodies and voices we will create images and tridimensional spaces for the narrative. We all are going to be interchangeable narrators and characters, constantly evolving.

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Young Lab’s life, death (and miracles ?)

Young Lab is «young» non only because is composed by young people, but also because it is only our second year of activity. We want to create a show understandable for all audiences and that can be played in the different parts of Switzerland.

We planned 3 weeks of intensive production this summer in order to pursue our artistic path, which is composed by:

  • research and experimentation
  • adaptation of the novel and creation of drammaturgy
  • staging and mise-en-scene
  • a huge mess
  • the tour!

All of this involves some costs: scenography, stage costumes, lights, a place to sleep, food and travels from one place to another.

We need your help!

Considering that Fedro eats A LOT!

Grazie! Danke! Merci! Thank you!