The Podcast to Restore it - with Dimi Dumortier and Tom, the founder of The Giraffe Heroes Foundation presenting the Guardians of Humanity, people you may count on; and now we count on YOUR SUPPORT!

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The Podcast to Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Dimi Dumortier and Tom speak to the individuals who are dedicating their lives to preserving the values of humanity, standing up for your fellow human beings in need, and doing what it takes to restore trust and build a community of like-minded people fighting for the common good…. We will bring these people to you in a tangible way - get inspired, connect with them and, yes please support us NOW. If you want to learn more about these Guardians of Humanity, just visit us at!

Fighting for the Protection of Human Values - together

We are giving people a voice who put their life on the line to restore the values of humanity and are lending their hand of help to those who need it most - thus inspiring the revival of an eroding trust in the strength of the human community… This video will give you an idea what kind of people these Guardians are, and what kind of podcast this could be.

A budget for the Podcast plus biographies and documentaries

The minimum we want you to be able is to listen to the monthly podcast with these Guardians of Humanity and Dimi Dumortier, one of those himself. - And beyond that we would like to publish related biographies and cast documentaries to bring these inspiring stories ever closer to you. We are glad to see you here and yes, we count on your compassionate support! Humanity is yours!!