Zusammenklang – the book

A documentation of the unique Bell concert «Zusammenklang» will be combined with interesting information about the 118 church bells in St.Gallen to create a unique book. In order to make this possible I need your help! Please help me and my «Zusammenklang» team create something historical for St.Gallen! On August 21, 2016 we created world premiere: a concert for 118 Bells! This concert was heard by 5,000 people - and the response in the media was huge! In order for this once in a lifetime concert to be possible, we needed to research all sorts of information about the different bells: pitch, size, weight… Fortunately for us, Hans Jürg Gnehm created a bell inventory for the city of St.Gallen in 2003.

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Living history

In order to make this incredibly interesting information public, and at the same time to document the «Zusammenklang» concert, we are producing a book. We have put together a strong team that has produced an informative, interesting and beautiful book with historic value. We have done a huge amount of work already and have secured a large part of the finances. BUT in order to make the book of the quality we we would like to we still need at least 30,000 SFr. The more donations we receive on WeMakeIt, the more we can invest in making the book a representative documentation of the vast historical treasures in St.Gallen. Please help us - we need you!

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We need you!

To thank you for your assistance in producing our book, we have come up with a broad range of rewards for you. Under «Rewards» you can find Ringtones for your mobile (played by the bells of St.Gallen, naturally), signed books, invitations to the book presentation, tours in a church tower or even the possibility to play a bell yourself! Thank you very much for your support - you are making this project possible!