wemakeit live at FREITAG – the crowdfunding soirée

In spring 2016, FREITAG and wemakeit invited project initiators to present their ongoing campaigns at crowdfunding soirées in Zurich, Lausanne and Vienna. By delivering powerfully convincing presentations, the idea was to win over the audience and get its support. In an additional boost to their visibility, FREITAG advertised the projects on its high-traffic website

After the very successful and inspiring first soirées (look how great it was!), wemakeit and FREITAG will put the money collected to good use by heading for an all-inclusive luxury resort in the Maldives where snorkeling will allow for discussing the continuation of their collaboration. Serious!

If you’d like to gear up your project with the help of the FREITAG community now, please get in touch. Apparently, they have internet on the Maldives, too – and anyway we very much appreciate your showing an interest; you will hear from us as soon as we’re back. Ok?


Almost anything that falls into the hands of bag and clothes manufacturer FREITAG gets a second chance. While used truck tarps make it back to life in the form of bags, the fabrics developed by FREITAG and the clothes made from them are 100% compostable. In a nutshell: the lads from Zurich prefer to think and act in cycles. And they are looking forward to meeting project initiators who share their passion.