What This Project Is About

EIKON turns 25! An uncommonly advanced age for an art magazine—and we want to celebrate this occasion with «5 x 5. Photo Tracks»: with the help of five renowned photography experts, we want to create a comprehensive and elaborately produced reference book for contemporary photo art and theory—consisting of five books in a high-quality slipcase. Publishing this 200-page compendium, we seek to explore the path of recent, occasionally confusing, history of photography, and highlight its dominant themes.


«5 x 5. Photo Tracks»—or: How It’s Done

For «5 x 5. Photo Tracks,» we commission experts (Abigail Solomon-Godeau, among others) to write essays, who will then choose «their» five artists and, therefore, «their» subjects they want to work on. We select our authors very carefully, paying particular attention to the diversity of their approaches, thus guaranteeing a broad spectrum of artistic positions and subjects. In order to achieve the best possible and most authentic results, the artists discussed in «5 x 5. Photo Tracks» will be involved in the development process for the entire duration of the project.

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Who We Are

We at EIKON—International Magazine for Photography and Media Art have been long-time promoters of promising newcomers in (art) photography. For almost twenty-five years, we have been accompanying young, up-and-coming artists and tracking early new tendencies in photography. EIKON is a bilingual magazine (German/English) published quarterly.

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Why We Need Your Support

The publication «5 x 5. Photo Tracks» is a special project that requires its own funding and cannot be financed with the public funds available to us. Therefore, we lack the budget for the entire production—printing and binding (about ½ of the project costs), graphic design, and writers’, translators’, and copyeditors’ fees.

Why Support Us?

After twenty-five years of publishing, we once again want to take a stand for high quality, material durability, joy in the haptic experience, and, not least, (photo) art with «5 x 5. Photo Tracks,» a publication that is guaranteed not to collect dust on the bookshelves.

The «5 x 5. Photo Tracks» Hard Facts In A Nutshell

  • five clothbound books in a clothbound, embossed, and printed slipcase, approx. 200 pages, numerous color images, texts in German and English
  • list price: 80 Euro
  • distribution to select (art) book stores and via the EIKON online shop
  • presentation at international art fairs and art book fairs
  • publication date, book presentation, and party: June 2016 in Vienna, Austria

As a Token of Our Gratitude …

… we have put together many unique packages for you that revolve around the core subject of photography and publishing—from guided photo tours and hand-selected art prints unavailable on the free market, to workshops and, of course, the publication «5 x 5. Photo Tracks,» hot off the press—we have something for everyone!

Thank you for your support!

PS: All rewards may also be used as gifts—for further information about this option, please contact us at office@eikon.at!

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