«Antigone-Fragments of a Myth»: the collective StilleWasser gives once again life to this rebellious figure by incorporating to Sophocles’ text the expressiveness of dance and movement.

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The Collective StilleWasser presents its first creation!

«Antigone – Fragments of a Myth» is the title of the very first theatrical production of the collective StilleWasser, a company of dancers and comedians based in Ticino. The show, a collaboration with director Christian Seiler and choreographer Andrea Herdeg, will premiere on October 21st at Teatro Paravento in Locarno, and will then go on tour through Switzerland. And for this, we need your precious help!

Antigone today

Sophocle’s Antigone, one of the world’s most famous theatrical works, has been presented and adapted several times. Aware of this fact, our collective wishes to privilege physical engagement all the while conserving the original text and its strength. By combining text, movement and dance, our objective is to revisit the myth of this young woman, brave enough to stand up against authority.

The Collective StilleWasser

Born in spring 2016, our collective which brings together artists from Switzerland and elsewhere, has the goal to touch a large and international public. Multilingual and multicultural, our collective is concerned by the issues of language, along with the corporeal means to apply in order to cross the linguistic borders. It tries to find – through a universal language – the creative madness, rational and free, communal and individual, that one carries inside of him.

Why support us?

  • because we’re a young and independent collective.
  • because we’re on fire.
  • because this project deserves to see the light of day and to travel.
  • because we need costumes so that we don’t find ourselves naked on stage.
  • because our costume designer deserves to be fairly paid.
  • because it’s not easy to perform in the dark.
  • because our technician deserves to be fairly paid.
  • because our stage design cannot be mimed.
  • because the rent of a rehearsal room isn’t for free.
  • because Antigone’s message of love and commitment is still topical nowadays.
  • because we want to share it with you.