BiowinExpo - the largest organic wine fair in Switzerland

BiowinExpo is the largest international organic wine fair in Switzerland and has the objective to bring, next to the Swiss organic wine producers, a selection of the best organic wine producers in the world. The first edition of BiowinExpo took place last October 29-30 and has hosted 123 exhibitors with over 500 organic wines presented. New for this second edition: in addition to organic wine producers, BiowinExpo 2018 will welcome a selection of organic food producers.

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Why an international organic wine fair in Switzerland..

All great wine begins in the vineyard and is ultimately the result of sensitive farming. It is important that growers farm sustainably and with a sense of environmental responsibility, ensuring the natural balance and health of the vineyard, while protecting the health of the consumer. It is now recognised that organic wines are not only of excellent quality, fully comparable to wines produced with non-organic methods, but can even be of superior quality. Biowine Expo has four simple objectives:

To host together some of the world’s most talented organic winemakers in one event To showcase the exciting diversity and excellent quality of wines made organically To allow growers and customers to meet and get to know each other To taste good wine …in moderation!

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Why we need your contribution for this project

BiowinExpo is almost entirely financed by the registration fees of the winegrowers. In the first edition of BiowinExpo, out of 123 participants, only 7 were Swiss winegrowers. Organic wine production is about 20% more expensive than wine production with the traditional approach and it further reduces the already low margins of this economic sector. The objective of this crowdfunding project is to support part of the participation fees so that more organic wine producers can participate and promote their organic wines at the fair.

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