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What I already did

In 2011, months after the accident at Fukushima, and some weeks after the 25th anniversary of Chernobyl’s disaster, I visited Pripyat, the ghost city near Chernobyl, to better understand the consequences of such a disaster.

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Some images of Pripyat

J’ai montré une sélection d’images à un editeur qui pourrait être intéressé à publier un livre sur le projet. Si l’éditeur devait se retracter, je vais soit en chercher un autre, soit faire appel à un service d’autoédition. D’une manière ou de l’autre il y aura un livre.

La finalisation du projet et le livre feront l’objet d’une masterclass avec un photographe Magnum.

The Book

I showed a selection of photos to a publisher who could be interested in publishing a book on the project. If the publisher decides otherwise, I will either look for another publisher or use a self publishing service. One way or another, there will be a book.

The final editing and the design of the book will be done during a masterclass with photographer Alex Majoli, Magnum Photos.

To print and publish the book I need your support.

Where I’ll go exactly

I will return to the ghost city of Pripyat and the outskirts of Chernobyl. In addition, I will visit the villages of the re-settlers, talk to the locals, and Slavutyč, where the people from Pripyat have been moved, etc..

I am also interested in gathering information on the radiation that we can still find inside and outside the Zone of Alienation (Exclusion Zone).