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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Arequipa. But this may be of interest to you.


Juan Agustín Guillén

A taxi for Pedro

by Kunstnische

Pedro and his family live in impoverished conditions. He works for a taxi company, to which he has to give 75% of his earnings. We want to buy him a taxi and a license, so he can work independently.

0 %
6 days to go

Community, Kids / Youth, and Technology


The donations received finance the solar system of the kids oncological hospital in Managua. You can get cool present: nicaraguan handcraft and the book I wrote on my life living and working abroad.

91 %
CHF 18’519
6 days to go

Community, art, and Technology

Mexico City and Geneva

El Bosque de la Esperanza

by Aline Wani, Sergio Beltrán-García, and Maevia Griffiths

Help us grow a physical and virtual forest of memory for families in Mexico who suffer disappearance.

36 %
CHF 11’035
37 days to go

Art and Dance


Le ballet Wassasso a été créé par Ibrahim Sory Conte danseur chorégraphe en 1999. Il en a été le directeur jusqu’en 2022. Aujourd’hui, la troupe est dirigée actuellement par le chorégraphe Gas

34 %
CHF 451
5 days to go

Publishing and Art

Altdorf and Valle Gran Rey

Buch «La Gomera Farben»

by Mary Anne Imhof

Ein Buch der Künstlerin Mary Anne Imhof, welches dokumentiert, wie sie seit 15 Jahren auf der Kanaren Insel La Gomera Farben aus der Natur herstellt und in Malerei und Installationen umsetzt.

32 %
CHF 6’500
30 days to go

Science, Environment, and Animals


Africa needs hyenas!

by Raffaele Morisoli

Hyenas play an important role in the balance of the African ecosystem. Support me in researching the hunting behavior of spotted hyenas in South Africa!

8 %
CHF 500
29 days to go

Politics, Community, and Environment

Geneva, Zürich, and Bern

Initiative Service Citoyen

by Noémie, pour le comité d'initiative

Eine funktionierende Gesellschaft braucht das Engagement aller. Mit unserer Initiative schreiben wir das Engagement für Umwelt & Gesellschaft in die Bundesverfassung. Ohne Grosslobby, dafür mit DIR!

28 %
CHF 5’689
23 days to go

Fashion, Design, and Art


PIDJ se veut être une marque de vêtement complètement éco-responsable, t-shirts en coton biologique produit localement. De plus les t-shirts sont sérigraphé sur Genève. Ce qui promet de la qualité.

5 %
CHF 50
26 days to go

Performing arts, art, and Dance


Ariana Grandessimo

by Charley Klein

I present to you ladies and gentlemen, the work of my debut in French pop, Ariana Grandessimo. The Immature Fruit Of 2021 From The Eponymous Group. The Return Of The Character With As The Only Artist.

4 %
CHF 200
42 days to go

Startup, architecture, and Technology


Join the construction revolution! Support our project: a platform combining BIM and blockchain for secure and optimized data management. Be an actor of change!

0 %
CHF 100
27 days to go

Fashion and Design


Aidez-nous à créer un monde plus durable au travers de l’art et de la mode. Nous aidons des designers de marques de niche à concrétiser leurs prochaines collections et les exposer dans notre galerie.

0 %
19 days to go

Photography and Technology


Brand New You

by Olivier Gisiger

Introducing «Brand New You», a (r)evolution in AI-assisted photography. Personalise your portraits and your brand image with individualized support.