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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Parakou. But this may be of interest to you.

Community, Kids / Youth, and Education


Ekimeli School has grown! In order to be able to continue to offer the almost 500 pupils a good quality of education, we have to expand the infrastructure.

34 %
CHF 6’850
28 days to go

Agriculture, Environment, and Education


Green Desert

by Jessica Bilali

With the first permaculture project in southern Morocco, we are counteracting desertification and teaching local people how to be self-sufficient in the long term.

96 %
CHF 51’082
3 days to go

Community and Kids / Youth


Nous oeuvrons pour l’accès à l’éducation en Ouganda, notamment en soutenant financièrement la formation des jeunes, et en encourageant les acteurs locaux à offrir aux jeunes un cadre de vie décent.

19 %
CHF 450
8 days to go


Athens and Samos

Unterstütze mich, 1 Jahr ehrenamtlich Deutsch- und Englischkurse für Flüchtlinge in Griechenland anbieten zu können!

0 %
21 days to go

Community, tourism, and Education


After years of remote work, I want to open my Space to others. The upper floor of my stone house will become a workation and retreat space for individuals, couples, parents and leaders.

1 %
CHF 200
39 days to go

Performing arts and Festival


Oui! We! Go Avignon!

by Cie Marjolaine Minot

The theatre company «Marjolaine Minot» goes to the Festival of Avignon! Not only with one but TWO plays! We have the chance to present «La Poésie de l’Échec» and «Non! Je veux pas». And we need you!

23 %
EUR 4’700
31 days to go

Music, Community, and Kids / Youth

Maputo, Gaborone, and Nairobi

instruments 4 dignity

by instruments 4 dignity

instruments4dignity a pour mission de cultiver le sentiment de dignité à travers la musique. Nous avons récolté 20 instruments de musique qui doivent être envoyés à des associations partenaires.

47 %
CHF 1’130
7 days to go

Music, Community, and Performing Arts


Le Festival Métissages est un festival de musique en plein air et sous chapiteau, organisé par l'association genevoise Métissages. Il a lieu sur la commune de Bernex à Genève, pour la 23 ème édition.

2 %
CHF 110
5 days to go

Publishing, Politics, and Journalism


Investigating use of data

by Serge Michel,, and Fondation pour l'innovation et la diversité dans l'information

An investigation into how our data is used by corporations such as SBB, La Poste, Coop, Migros, health insurers and others. It is in the public interest to understand what they do with it.

68 %
CHF 13’658
38 days to go

Community and Art


«Divine chromatie» à Genève

by Association Divine chromatie

Devenir partenaire du Fonds cantonal d’art contemporain de Genève pour l’acquisition de «Divine chromatie» et permettre que l'œuvre de Philippe Fretz devienne une œuvre publique genevoise.

53 %
CHF 21’580
14 days to go

Food, Fair Trade, and Community


Hello there! We are are the new owners of the historical Café de la Pointe in Geneva and we need you!

127 %
CHF 27’950
6 days to go

Food, Fair Trade, and Community


Oh no Lulu!

by Ohnolulu!

Oh no Lulu! will have 3 rooms with 3 different atmospheres in the heart of the Banking District. Our goal is to offer you an unforgettable tasting experience, by participating in a unique activity.