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We have projects happening in many places, but unfortunately right now, there isn’t anything on close to Quito. But this may be of interest to you.
Community, Kids / Youth, and Education

Empowering youth by learning

Malika school une association fondée par cinq étudiants qui a pour mission l'amélioration des conditions de vie de 60 adolescents déscolarisés et analphabètes, dans la commune de Malika, au Sénégal.
by Projets Responsables and Malika school, Malika
35% funded
CHF 353 pledged
20 days to go
Community, Sport, and Tourism

Re-Bolting Tenerife

The project aims to replace the aging and rusty bolts on Tenerife with new ones. Your donation will help make the island's climbing walls safe again.
by Raphael Amrein, Villa de Arico
28% funded
EUR 1’415 pledged
12 days to go
Publishing, Design, and Architecture

Creating Coromandel: a book

A book about Marco Zanuso's architecture in South Africa. Although famous for his industrial designs, his design methodology impacted Southern African architecture and is still relevant today!
by Edna, Coromandel, Reggio Emilia, and Santarem
11% funded
EUR 2’255 pledged
8 days to go
Music and Education

Achat d'une nouvelle harpe !

Je suis au conservatoire de musique à Fourvière et je fais de la harpe depuis 5 ans. J’aimerais pouvoir acheter une grande harpe à pédales pour continuer mes études !
by Paola Marcon, Lyon
34% funded
EUR 680 pledged
20 days to go
Startup, Fair Trade, and Community

Let's end modern slavery!

The Freedomer App is to help everyone join in the mission to end modern slavery & to make sure no humans have been harmed in the making of the products they buy, help build A World Made in Freedom
by Brian Iselin, Geneva
79% funded
CHF 23’826 pledged
6 days to go
Fashion, Startup, and Environment

Mazzola Swimwear

Bikinis made from recycled materials (Econyl®) and created to provide options for everyBODY. An ethical and transparent brand. We need you to start our first production!

by Jessie et Melissa, Geneva
53% funded
CHF 8’069 pledged
16 days to go


Créer un mouvement de solidarité pour mon collègue. Nous travaillons ensemble dans la restauration, sa maman est hospitalisée à Madagascar suite au COVID. Il n’a pas les moyens de lui payer ses soins.
by Chloé, Geneva
155% funded
CHF 3’115 pledged
25 days to go
Community, Kids / Youth, and Education

an Education, our Mission

Five students from the University of Geneva, from different faculties, gathered through Indikutti and whose mission is to support the education of 50 children in India.
by Projets Responsables and Indikutti, Geneva and Cheppad
135% funded
CHF 1’765 pledged
9 days to go
Performing arts and Dance

Elle, d'Or à dos

Elle, d’Or à dos est un spectacle qui réunit seize artistes d’horizons différents situé entre danse contemporaine & urbaine, musique aux influences Hip-hop & folklore latino-américain.
by Compagnie Mûes, Geneva
42% funded
CHF 2’130 pledged
21 days to go
Film and Dance

Court-métrage Underwater

Réunir la danse et l’eau pour créer une histoire triste et gracieuse à la fois. C’est dans cette année de Bachelor que je me lance dans la réalisation de ce court-métrage. J'ai besoin de votre aide!
by Nicolas Seguel, Geneva
34% funded
CHF 1’740 pledged
14 days to go
Startup, Fair Trade, and Community

COTC, for freelancers

Support the digital platform at the service of people. We give voice to professionals from all over the world and preserve craft creation in Switzerland and Europe.
by EN, Geneva
1% funded
CHF 492 pledged
1 hour to go
Publishing and Literature

Roman: «Ceux qui ressentent»

Aidez-moi à rendre possible l’écriture et la publication de mon troisième roman, une réflexion poétique autour de l’hypersensibilité et des interactions qui modèlent notre monde.
by Marie-Héloïse Arbus, Geneva
0% funded
EUR 0 pledged
36 days to go

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