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Community, Kids / Youth, and Education

Melen – Baaba

Les enfants de l'école Sainte Agnès de Melen-Baaba ont besoin de vous!
by Emmanuelle Blandin, Yaoundé
25% funded
CHF 500 pledged
27 days to go
Film and Music

Dodo – back to the roots

Mit deiner Unterstützung reise ich, in meinem zum Studio umgebauten Schiffscontainer, nach Afrika, zurück zu meinen Wurzeln und bringe diese musikalische Abenteuerreise als Kinofilm zurück zu dir!
by Dodo, Cape Town, Abidjan, and Accra
87% funded
CHF 52’264 pledged
24 days to go
Community, Kids / Youth, and Education

Safe place in Nairobi

In Nairobi we need your help NOW! Women & children are confronted with violence and abuse every day! We want to offer them protection NOW and help them become independent.
by Happy-place, Nairobi
0% funded
CHF 90 pledged
19 days to go
Community, Kids / Youth, and Education

KaribuPads Project

Our goal is to reduce the menstrual insecurity of 1,500 girls in rural areas of the Iringa region of Tanzania through the production and donation of reusable sanitary pads.
by Aurélie, Iringa, Genève, and Schlins
104% funded
CHF 10’470 pledged
17 days to go
Kids / Youth and Education

Soutien Ecoliers Sénégal !

Notre projet vise à améliorer l’accès à l’école et les conditions de vie des enfants de la région de Thiès au Sénégal notamment en leur fournissant des vélos pour aller à l'école.
by Educs Ecolint, Genève, Thiès, and Dakar
18% funded
CHF 905 pledged
10 days to go
Community and Animals

Ludovic helps

We send our longtime blacksmith Ludovic to Albania - with your support. There he will provide long-awaited help to the rescued donkeys and horses in the Animal Aid Center in Tirana.
by Verein Hof Ring 105, Tirana
21% funded
CHF 1’405 pledged
27 days to go
Performing arts and Kids / Youth

World Championships Arts2022

Support Maëlan, 9 years old, magician, who was selected to represent Switzerland at the World Championship of Performing Arts (WCOPA) in Hollywood in July. On-site competitions and training.
by Bloomy, Anaheim and Cannes
51% funded
CHF 2’040 pledged
33 hours to go
Music and Festival

Open Air Monte Carasso 2022

We have always had the mission to bring great music to Monte Carasso. 2022 is the year of our return and we need YOU!
by Gruppo Giovani Monte Carasso, Monte Carasso
10% funded
CHF 685 pledged
11 days to go
Music, art, and Environment

Bellinzona Baroque Ensemble

Fundraising für die Gründung eines festen Orchesters in Bellinzona, das sich der Barockmusik widmet. Ein Teil des Erlöses dient der Förderung von vier umweltfreundlichen Tessiner Handwerksbetrieben.
by AMULETI, Lugano, Mendrisio, and Bellinzona
11% funded
CHF 620 pledged
29 days to go
Exhibition, Photography, and Art

Expo photos 2022

Soutenez mon exposition de photos artistiques, réalisées avec des modèles. Votre aide permettra d'imprimer mes images sur des supports de qualité, pour un meilleur rendu de mon travail.
Vernissage mi-août (date précise à definir) et vous y serez bien sûr invités.
by Pierredelacor, Martigny
104% funded
CHF 2’930 pledged
14 days to go
Music and Community

Crowdfunding саиаl 54

The cultural coffee саиаl 54 from Geneva is asking for your help today to finance the supplies needed to set their upcoming events in place as well as their web radio WAV-33.
by CANAL 54, Genève
81% funded
CHF 10’652 pledged
11 days to go
Film and Art


«Liminal» est un court-métrage de fiction de 30 minutes. Liminal est un drame psychologique accompagné d'une touche de fantastique se déroulant dans un univers sombre, dérangeant et loufoque.
by Quentin_Blum, Genève
61% funded
CHF 2’150 pledged
25 days to go