Concerts Culinaires de Chardonne

Greetings, Bonjour, Grüezi, and Buongiorno,

Combining wine, food and music is nothing new. What makes the Concerts Culinaires de Chardonne innovative is to artistically connect the best of each in order to create a multi-sensory experience.

I have already organized Culinary Concerts in the USA, Spain, France and Italy. My goal, as a resident of Chardonne, is to encourage our audience and sponsors to support the talents of winemaking, gastronomy and music.

At the foot of Mont-Pèlerin, Chardonne is the epicenter of the Lavaux vineyards on the Montreux-Riviera, overlooking Lake Geneva facing the Savoy Mountains.

The winemaking tradition of the Lavaux goes back 1000 years and is given Heritage of Humanity status by UNESCO. Chardonne can be reached by road or funicular from Vevey.

This is a one of a kind experience in Switzerland and an opportunity for all wine, food and music lovers to eat, drink and be musical!

I thank you for your support.

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My project is special because ...


The concept of gastronomy, wine and music, combined in a unique artistic and aesthetic experience is a first of its kind in Switzerland.

The first Culinary Concert, The Serenade of Seasons, allows you to travel, despite the current crises and closures, both tastefully and musically, and what better than the Four Seasons of Vivaldi and of Piazzolla to transport you to Venice and Buenos Aires

Lake Geneva was also a refuge and home for Tchaikovsky, Strauss, Stravinsky and many others.

At the Grande Salle de Chardonne, only 200 guests will enjoy a dégustation of wines offered by the Domaine «Le Parrain» and hors d’oeuvres prepared by Mathieu Bruno.

Known internationally for her prize at the Tchaikovsky Competition and for performances at the Septembre Musical and the Verbier Festival, her balcony concerts during the COVID-19 crisis have also made Alexandra Conunova, the soloist of this evening, known to a global online audience.

John Axelrod takes his 25 years of experience as a wine and food connoisseur and blogger- - and as a music director and guest conductor of over 175 orchestras around the world to share his passion for wine, food and music. He will conduct the International Orchestra of Geneva in Tchaikovsky’s Serenade for Strings.

To complete the experience, Chef Mathieu Bruno invites only 35 guests to «Là Haut» for an intimate and exclusive gastronomic 5 course dinner.

This synesthesia of the senses will court you throughout this Serenade of the Seasons.

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This is why we need your support:

Everyone is hungry for culture and art and music and food and wine, especially after the coronavirus closures.

Many festivals may have been canceled, but unique events that meet the necessary health standards and high quality are in demand. Concerts Culinaires de Chardonne can help. We welcome you to these Culinary Concerts in compliance with the health regulations in force for the safety of all of us.

In the Grand Salle of Chardonne, for only 200 attendees, we will present 3 events on September 26, the Serenade of Seasons; A Christmas program on December 19: The Heavenly Life; and on April 3, 2021: The Poetry of Spring.

The Serenade of Seasons is special during September: Harvest time. The wines of the domaine Le Parrain, Sauvignon and Cabernet-Gamay, represent the high quality grapes grown on the hillside of Chardonne overlooking of Lac Leman.

Combined with the gourmandises offered by Mathieu Bruno of «La Haut» in liaison with the concert of the Serenade of Seasons, featuring Alexandra Conunova and conductor John Axelrod and the International Orchestra of Geneva, you are certain to have an oenological, gastronomical and musical memory of a lifetime.

For the connoisseur, the epicure, the bon vivant and the true gourmand, the gourmet dinner menu with accompanying wines thematically linked to the dégustation and concert program of Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky and Piazzolla, and prepared by the chef Mathieu Bruno, will be the culmination to the Concerts Culinaires de Chardonne. Space is limited to only 35 guests.

Our musicians are world class. Your support will help cover the costs of the musicians fees, accommodation and travel, as well as ensure the events are promoted and marketed so that music, food and wine lovers like you can attend.

By supporting Concerts Culinaires de Chardonne, you provide a new cultural event to the city of Chardonne, help engage musicians adversely affected by the closures, inspire tourists and residents to visit the Lavaux, and contribute towards reviving the economy so impacted by the recent pandemic.

Chardonne is a small piece of paradise on earth. With your support, Concerts Culinaires de Chardonne can share this beauty with the world. Eat, Drink and Be Musical!