Switzerland's first sustainable pizzeria!

Pizza, who doesn’t like it? Children, students, adults, families, everyone loves it!

And yet, if we care about the health of our planet and take a closer look at what we put in our plate, it is not easy to find a pizza that is respectful of the environment.

Domani is just filling this void!

Local, seasonal ingredients, as much as possible from organic farming, direct contact with producers, e-bike delivery, and a general approach that aims to reduce waste at all stages: all this makes Domani a sustainable and eco-friendly pizzeria!

In addition to that, Domani also offers private events, with the pizzaiolo coming to prepare his delicious pizzas directly in a place chosen by the client (home, office, garden, park, etc.), as well as very enjoyable workshops to learn how to do with your own hands a wonderful pizza from A to Z.


So, why support us?

Imagine that you are at the Olympic Games, among the public, in the stadium where the marathon ends, and you watch the athletes running the last kilometer that separates them from the finish line.

We are like these athletes, we started this marathon two years ago and our finish line is the opening of the pizzeria, in January 2022. We have just entered the last kilometer, and your help is fundamental to supporting us until the end of our race, just as spectators support pushes athletes to give everything till the end!

Out of the marathon metaphor, supporting us means supporting a different idea of the entire food chain; it means supporting local producers who respect the environment, delivery drivers who reduce their packaging, and of course customers - who knows, maybe yourself too! - which are always looking for more sustainable ways of life.

And so, already, thank you!


So what are we going to do with your money?

If you help us reach the first target of CHF 9000, you will allow us to complete our existing infrastructure with essential equipment for the opening, such as refrigerated furniture, heated display cases, induction plates, vacuum machines, slicers, etc.

With the second target of CHF 16000, you will help us launch an investigation to obtain the coffee/restaurant license, which will allow us to increase our seating capacity, install a terrace, and make our future pizzeria an even more friendly place!

A last comment about rewards, in case you wish to choose one: to respect our philosophy, we decided to only offer rewards that are directly related to our business, and to avoid gadgets and other such objects. We hope that you will appreciate this choice and that the proposed rewards will fully satisfy you!