Fablab: an open technological maker space

What is a 3D printer? Could I be an accountant on Monday and make science on Thursday evenings? How can I cut a piece of wood with a laser? I’d like to fix my vacuum cleaner but where shall I start from?

In October 2017, the association Onl’Fait will open in Geneva a Fablab - contraction of the words Fabrication and Laboratory - to answer these and many more questions related to digital fabrication and technological DIY.

There is a lot of interest towards the maker movement - a technology-based extension of the traditional DIY culture – which remains often frustrated due to the lack of learning communal spaces for beginners and experts. A Fablab is a place where everybody - makers, children, artists, curious - is welcome to learn, make, share, fix, create, teach, fail, tinker and reflect on a sustainable approach to science & technology.

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Onl'Fait: for you and with you

Onl’Fait will be the first educational Fablab in Geneva, a «third place» dedicated to science, technology and society, a space where to work, learn and teach in a collaborative environment.

In Geneva, only in our Fablab open every day you will find:

  • Laser cutter
  • Computer-controlled subtractive milling (CNC)
  • 3D printer (FDM)
  • Vinyl cutter
  • Traditional tools and workshop machines
  • Electronics station

And a portfolio of events and activities that will:

  • promote the spirit and mindset shared by scientists and makers: analyse, research, create, modify, problems solve
  • encourage inclusion in our community: from children to scientists. We will contribute to share scientific and technological knowledge in an innovative way, by supporting citizen science projects, a worldwide movement to democratise science.
  • facilitate science learning by offering hands & minds-on programmes with a special attention to children and disadvantaged communities.
  • support the open hardware and software movement to share, take ownership of, and contribute to science and technology knowledge and culture.

When the Do-it-Yourself becomes Do-it-Together

Onl’Fait is an educational no profit association with the objective to offer high quality programmes at reasonable costs. Your contribution will help us

  • Complete the set-up of the space
  • Develop and implement the first courses to our members
  • Organise the first science, technology and society events
  • Open daily

This campaign is supported by Science Booster : every Franc that you invest in Onl’Fait will be doubled by Science Booster!

If we will raise

  • 25’000 CHF: we will develop a programme for young children
  • 30’000 CHF: organise an HackaCon in 2018.
  • 55’000 CHF: create a Fablab bus

A big thank to the Municipality of Geneva - programme Agenda 21 - G’Innove that allowed us to launch Onl’Fait by sponsoring the containers and their installation.

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