« Free », a voice leading us deep, pure words, beautiful reunion between Dida (voice), F. Tafelmacher (piano), C. Calpini (percussion/production) & M. Demoulin (bass). And what if you help us recording ?!

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 2/2/2016

Extract of «Silence» in motion !

Extract of a rough piece in express, after having learnt the death of Leila Alaoui…. are we really free ? I walk very strangely since this morning…. here what has been said a few weeks ago that I need to open up right now:


The goal?

« Free » is the ambition of a project that wants to be «simple» and needs support in a so said «complex» world, for the sole purpose to share a glance of fresh air within the chaos!

Who, how ?

After a long search of identity between jazz and Arabic music, I return to Switzerland and bump again into the humble pianist and old friend of the Swiss Vaud region : Fabien Tafelmacher. This unexpected reunion gives me an urgent desire: to create the most simple tunes, through texts and music going straight to the to essence, mirroring the time of life I find myself in.

I asked around and I’m extremely lucky to be quickly understood and supported by musicians with whom I am looking forward to play and record : Christoph Calpini at post-production & percussion and Mathias Desmoulin at the bass. Would you like to take part ?

You & me

In supporting « Free », you’ll be able to participate in our concerts, get our first recordings, allow us to record in the beautiful recording studio in Lutry (www.blend-studio.net).

It is also the opportunity to meet other inspiring projects and people like Nadine Erard offering her special new year gifts in addition to our recordings (wemakeit/projects /nanokeo). Come breathe, drink, eat , think a little too … and recharge yourself!

A huge thank you for your contribution!

(Photography Geetha Laune / www.geethalaune.com)

Ein riesiges Dankeschön für Eure Unterstützung!

Fotos von Geetha Laune (www.geethalaune.com)