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About the show

«freedom of SPEECHLESS» is a physical theater performance with no words that deals with one of man´s most basic rights-
the right of free speech.

The performance is a Swiss-Israeli co-production created by Mor Dovrat (IL, CH) and Yarden Gilboa (IL) in collaboration with Minako Seki (JP, DE) and Samuel Müller Dimitri (CH).

In the past years artists and journalists in Israel are facing
violations of their right to express themselves freely.

In this situation we find ourselves lost and helpless. We kept asking ourselves what can we do?
Our answer to this question is the creation of «freedom of SPEECHLESS».

We transpose our personal experience into a tragicomic movement performance. We believe that it is very important to bring this theme to public discussion, and our way of doing it is with our art.

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Research and Inspiration

  • Our creative process starts from the body in the space.
  • We combine elements from dance, in particular from Butoh.
  • We work with absurdity and grotesque images
  • We are looking of the comic in the tragic and the tragic in the comic.
  • In a dadaistic manner, we will break the spoken language to the subatomic level- only to create a new level of coded communication.
  • When discussing freedom of speech, the choice to reduce the usage of spoken words gives another level to our work. In a place with no words at all, every sound has a huge impact. Every movement has an enormous weight. The ability to speak is not evident and for that we use the minimum required to give the maximum information.

When and where:

  • January-February 2017- Rehearsal period in Tel Aviv with Minako Seki and Samuel Müller, IL
  • March2017: rehearsal in Chössi Theater, Lichtensteig, CH
  • 18-19 March 2017 premiere in Chössi Theater, Lichtensteig, CH
  • 30 March 2017 performing in Rennweg 26, Biel, CH
  • 1-2 April performing in Teatro Dimitri, Verscio, CH
  • April-May 2017 performing in Tel Aviv, IL

A bit about us: initiating and acting-

  • Mor Dovrat
    is an Israeli theater and film maker, living and working in Switzerland. Mor is a recent graduate of the MA programme in Accademia Teatro Dimitri, Verscio, CH. She is currently touring with a self-written solo performance Aber-Glaube. In May 2016 Mor presented her debut short film as a director in Cannes Film Festival, FR. Starting 2017 Mor will create a new piece with Famiglia Dimitri. Even though Mor has participated in and created different projects in film and theater, this is the first project she is initiating in Switzerland.
  • Yarden Gilboa
    is an actress and director in Tel Aviv. As an actress she is well known for her work with Rina Yerushalmi, and was recently nominated for best leading actress for the year 2016 for her role in Peer Gynt. Yarden directed numerous projects in Repertorie theater as well as in the fringe scene. This is Yarden’s first international project.

External eyes-

  • Minkao Seki is a Japanese world wide known Butoh dancer, choreograph and teacher. Since 1987 Minako is living and working in Berlin.
  • Samuel Müller Dimitri is a Swiss actor. He has studied BA and MA in Accademia Teatro Dimitri. He has participated in numerous shows in Switzerland. Samuel is currently touring with the show Dimitrigenerations / Famiglia Dimitri.

With your support we will be able to afford:

  • Light designer
  • Costumes
  • Rehearsal spaces
  • Theaters
  • External eyes
  • Travel costs
  • Accommodation


mit Eurer Unterstützung helft Ihr uns mit:

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