Avocado oil as a development lever for Guinea.

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The Kibili Project

The Kibili Project’s global goal is to contribute to the fight against poverty and food insecurity by decreasing post-harvest losses of avocado crops through improved trade circuits and oil processing techniques. Within three years, around 800 people will benefit from this development project.

The technical innovation developped by this project will allow the cold extraction of high quality oil in a landlocked region. The new company will be based on the criteria of social entrepreneurship: with transparency, fairness and equal redistribution of profits. The project will produce avocado oil under Bio and Fair Trade labels.


Agricultural production is abundant in Guinea and in most West African countries. However, because of the lack of infrastructure, means and knowledge, a large portion of this abundance is lost before reaching regional markets. The Kibili Project will value these lost foodstuffs thanks for their transformation into oil of existing crops, which does not require an increase in cultivated areas. The oil produced will open new market opportunities for producers and will increase their income by allowing direct access to the valuation of their resources.


The avocado market is growing worldwide, and avocado oil processing could offer a profitable outlet for producers and their families. As it currently stands, the majority of the oil produced worldwide is extracted industrially, using heat to reduce production costs, using a huge amount of water and other energies. This is all very rare in Kibili Mountains, so producers in this isolated area are unable to access such factories and thus cannot reap the maximum benefits of their own crops. The Kibili Project solves these problems by setting up a cold oil extraction process that uses renewable energy. Moreover, this oil factory will allow to each avocado producer to access the capital gain created from their avocados. This high quality oil will be sold on national and international markets and used in food as in cosmetics.

Support Kibili

For the launch of the Kibili Project to be a success, we need to build a community of sponsors in the northern countries. This funding will not be for a one-time gift for an urgent need, but instead will allow for a long-term increase in the quality of life for hundreds of families by giving them the tools to sustainably exploit a local, natural resource.

This first round of fundraising is essential because it will allow us to finish the research currently ongoing at CIRAD (Montpellier, France) to find the best-adapted extraction process for the Kibili region (25,000 CHF). But it will also get us on the field to test this research in the local context, to deliver the first of these special presses and to build the entrepreneurial structure that will be responsible for the processing unit (15,000 CHF).

By helping us today, you are contributing to a very important phase of the Kibili Project—we’ve gotten off the ground, now we need your help to bring these recent efforts to fruition in order to show the big investors and international development programs that we’ve got what it takes. And you? By contributing to our crowdfunding platform, you’ll have the satisfaction of being part of an enterprise that values human interests over profit. Come join the Kibili adventure!