About one third of Switzerland's CO2 emissions is caused by buildings. In a small, green book with over 60 tips, we want to show how we can design and construct buildings in a climate-friendly way.

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The heart of the matter

The aim of our small, green book is to show architects, spatial planners and landscape architects how they can design and construct buildings in a climate-friendly way. Lexicon entries offer the industry help on the path towards net zero with more than 60 practical, clear hints from A to Z. The texts are kept concise and to the point, making them easily digestible. Here and there, Joël Roth’s illustrations add a cheerful note to the reading.

The book is about 150 pages long and is due to be published in November. Its convenient size means it fits in a jacket pocket and is always at hand when a client needs convincing or a business partner needs encouraging. It acts as a compact lexicon of architectural planning. As an induction for a new employee in the office. As a statement when shaking a client’s hand for the first time. As a reminder of the significant role building plays in a climate-friendly future.

Klima bauen – Cover
Klima bauen – Cover

What is special about our project?

The way our book is written means anyone and everyone can learn something - both specialists and non-specialists alike. This paperback is neither a heavy theoretical volume nor a manifesto; instead, it is an easily accessible reference work, authoritative yet understandable. Its aim is to explain calmly, to arouse curiosity, to point out solutions and to break down barriers.

It is intended for all areas of interest: clients, investors, developers, spatial planners, urban planners, landscape architects, architects, civil engineers or interior designers, as well as for anyone interested in construction and design. This little book helps by prompting everyone to change tack and set course for net zero.

  • Klima bauen – Mockup des Buches
    Klima bauen – Mockup des Buches
  • Klima bauen – Mobilität
    Klima bauen – Mobilität
  • Klima bauen – Holz
    Klima bauen – Holz
  • Klima bauen – Thermische Masse und Vorfabrikation
    Klima bauen – Thermische Masse und Vorfabrikation
  • Grafikprozess

We need your support

Concept, research, writing, editing, graphics, production, printing, distribution and marketing – they all take time and cost money. This project is very dear to our heart, but as a small publishing house, we depend on your support.

We can cover our external costs with the target amount. In addition, if we reach the target, the Impact Fund 2021 will award us another 25,000 Swiss francs, which will enable us to cover half of our internal expenses. Your help is an important contribution towards protecting the climate.