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Congrats. Joolie :-)

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Dear Gerrie! Thank you so much for your donation straight from the heart ! I also wish you can come and visit on day... on that day a fresh yummy sourdough focaccia will be waiting for you and until then we will continue baking a lot for all those we love! Greetings to you!


Dear Cecilia, I Just funded an amount.
One day I would like to come and visit you and taste a focaccio. But you need not send it to me. Please give it to someone you feel he or she would appreciate it.
Succes, greetings and love

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Thank you Shamba! LEV is also always very strong in all what you do, support or touch! Sending you much much love beautiful woman!


Thank you Cecilia for putting your heart in everything that you create! I love you and I am happy to support!

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Comme votre projet nous plaît, il figure actuellement parmi «Nos coups de cœur»! Il apparaîtra tous ces prochains jours sur notre page de démarrage et dans la catégorie «Recommandés».
Une bonne raison d’être fiers et de le faire savoir à tout le monde: publiez une nouvelle, un post ou un tweet!