La Chouette Boulangerie: local, fair and homemade

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Together Joëlle, Cecilia and Fabien we share a common passion for healthy bread and food (amongst other things…)

When we heard that there used to be a bakery in the farm of Essertfallon, we went to check … and Oh la la…there is a lot of work !

We want to bring the old bakery of Essertfallon back into shape, in order to have a place where we can make our tasty sourdough breads, focaccias and pizzas. We also want it to be a nice place where people can meet and share, eat our freshly baked products, participate to our workshops and activities, breathe the fresh and healthy air of our mountains and lay a stone for a healthier life in harmony with the rythms of nature instead of against them.

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Work to do on the building site:

  • Floor : break it down, set the new electric system, isolate it and put the tiles
  • Ceiling: isolation and roughcast in earth
  • Walls: to tile it up to 1,50 metres and roughcast the rest in earth
  • Wood Oven: fix the door and sweep it
  • Windows: buying and installing of a new window
  • Lights: installing the lights on the ceiling and in front of the oven
  • Water: fixing the water pipes and installation of a washbasin

Bakery’s furniture:

  • Sink
  • Flour containers
  • Inox table for working
  • Grain mill
  • Set of shelves and baskets
  • Living dome for the children to play outside
  • Wood oven for heating

What motivates us?

Baking healthy bread with a strong personal touch

Through the Association « La Chouette Boulangerie » we want to bake a healthy sourdough bread with regional flours of ancient cereal variety, cultivated by our friend farmers who work in the respect of Mother Earth. We want to cook seasonal breads in the firewood oven with firewood that comes from the woods around us. It will be a bread that preserves all it’s vital forces. Thanks to our knowledge in herbal medicine, we will include wild plants in our bread dough and sometimes even some mushrooms coming from our walks in the forests around.

and principles…

Our ethic concerns all stages of the bread production. For example we give importance to the local and regional network of distribution, the rationalisation of waste and transports, the growing of our own veggies and of our medicinal plants, the use of ecological packaging. In harmony with these values, pesticides and chemical fertilizers are obviously banned.


What would we like to do in our bakery?

Regular meetings: Long live the Pizza!

The Association « La Chouette Boulangerie » wants to organise regular pizza meetings where you can make the pizza of your «dreams» all by yourself and as many times as you like ! At the same time the people from the region can come and bake their cakes, biscuits, breads as the wood oven is already on !


Education: «hands in the dough» with children and youth

For each season the Association «La Chouette Boulangerie» wants to organise regular activities together with children and youth. The aim is to re-establish the contact with Nature as source of our nourishment. The children and the young people will be able to bake their own bread and biscuits! They will have the opportunity to work with the dough and the different basic ingredients of our nutrition through an intuitive and practical approach. We are also thinking about collaborating with the local schools and to offer workshops on wild plants and bread baking.


Intercultural: And you? How do you bake your bread?

Jura is a remote region and is therefore less confronted to other cultures compared to more urbanised regions. That’s why our association is going to offer some activities that create a meeting point for people of different cultures and horizons. Our bakery will become a place where you can come and participate to stimulating exchanges of knowledge and recipes around baking breads in different cultures! For example we will bake bread with Lebanese people, exchange on special recipes from the country and eventually also have typical music from this part of the world!

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