SWISSMISO has been caring about our mother earth but we can do more! Help us to open the first Eco-friendly shop in Nyon for selling in bulk miso without packaging. We need your support!

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Concluded on 18/9/2022

First Miso Producer in Swiss Romande area

Hi, I’m Azusa, the founder of SWISSMISO. I’ve been living in Switzerland for more than 10 years. I discovered a fascination with Japanese cuisine outside Japan. 

Japanese food is not only healthy and tasty but moreover, its philosophy is tied to the ecological approach. Local, seasonal ingredients are valued, recipes without wasting food are appreciated. As a Japanese, I’ve decided to carry on this culinary culture. That’s the reason why I created my small company!

We initiated this project as a way to bring consciousness to environmental issues. We couldn’t be happier, if the project inspires you to act something good for our land!

What is Miso ? Miso is a fermented soybean paste in Japan. It’s a key ingredient for making delicious Japanese dishes such as miso-soup. It’s used both in traditional and modern ways in Japan and has been gaining worldwide interest.

Based on Miso Paste, our popular product Miso-truffle (Instant homemade miso-soup) makes it easier to incorporate miso into your daily life!

  • miso paste
    miso paste
  • miso-truffe
  • Red miso & White miso
    Red miso & White miso

Why you love SWISSMISO?

The reason is …

🌿 NO Plastic 
Our packaging is all reusable or recyclable

🌿 NO Waste 
All raw materials can be used, nothing is thrown away in the production process

🌿 LOCAL & Organic
We use only local organic ingredients;

-Organic Soybeans: Swiss Romande area
-Salt: Swiss Alps
-Organic Rice: Italy*
(*In Switzerland, it’s hard to get a sufficient quantity of rice)

🌿 Healthy 
It’s because Miso is a fermented food, good for digestion, better immunity, anti-aging with detoxification effects. It also boosts the number of beneficial bacteria, or probiotics, in your gut.

🌿 Artisanal 
We make the miso using the traditional Japanese method

🌿 Delicious 
Plenty of UMAMI* inside! (*It’s one of the five basic tastes)

🌿 Gluten Free 

🌿 Plant-based

  • compostable package
    compostable package
  • paper box
    paper box
  • organic soybeans
    organic soybeans
  • vegan

Where we are now

Over the last 2 years, we had

  • Miso sales volume : 600Kg in 2020, 980Kg in 2021
  • 36 sales points in Swiss Romande area
  • Collaboration with 13 top restaurants
  • Featured in 7 media

In 2022, we decided to open our own shop in Nyon for focusing on sales of bulk miso «without packaging» which is currently handled by only a few sales points.
We need your support to open this ECO-friendly shop!
With your help, our small business can act a little good for the planet!

The shop is currently under renovation. We are short of funds to purchase the following items,

  • Bulk miso pot
  • Refrigerated showcases for miso-truffes
  • Product display shelves 
  • Self-service accounting system

  • future shop image
    future shop image
  • current renovation progress
    current renovation progress
  • current renovation progress
    current renovation progress
  • current renovation progress
    current renovation progress