No Foodwaste!

by Martin Pally


Food waste must be largely avoided. A number of companies are active and making their contribution. But what are private households doing? They account for over 30%.

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Concluded on 19/10/2023

We can all save food

The issue of food waste is on everyone’s lips. Companies are committed to this, for example hotels and restaurants. Institutions are stepping up, for example or MYBLUEPLANET. There are projects that deal with details, such as «forking!» from the canton of Aargau. So the root of the problem lies in the household. If one could see in a residential building which households would like to donate which food, the problem in this house would be solved. The customers in the house would take them away and buy less. If you take this idea further into the street, the neighborhood and the town, there would be no more food waste. And this solution has another advantage: everything happens within short distances and the groceries can be picked up. The website «No Foodwaste!» shows the offers on a map. Anyone interested can order and pick them up as they would at a regular online shop. Everything works very easily via smartphone and without logging in with a password.

What’s special about my project

The «No Food Waste!» solution makes endangered food visible and those interested can access it immediately. This massively reduces food waste.

I need support for this

The solution is already built, but must be placed in a powerful hosting environment for productive operation. In addition, there are few license costs. To start, 10 residential buildings with at least 5 households are required. This works best when someone in such a house takes the lead, inspires and instructs the neighbors.