A common consumer product that is one of the oldest human inventions, the watch is yet a closed and even protected technology. Only a few insiders have access to its mechanism and to the interior design.

Challenging all the codes of traditional watchmaking, NOCLOCK is on the verge of shaking up these unchanging limits.

In 12 simple steps and with a minimum amount of equipment, the basic kit requires only a few minutes of assembling before it will give you the time. But what makes NOCLOCK unique is its modularity, its capacity to adapt to every individual wish: dial, hands, case, bracelet … every visible element is customizable!

NOCLOCK is designed for all ages and for all levels of technical skills, enabling everyone to design their own watch, their own brand, individual and unique be it in a fablab, a design workshop, a jewellery store or simply from your own kitchen or workshop.

And if by chance you are not satisfied with your first piece? No worries, we thought about that too! You dismantle, modify, add, reassemble … NOCLOCK is not only «do it yourself», it is also «hackable». Ad inifinitum!

More ! Why be limited to designing a wrist watch? Why not make a pocket watch, a pendulum, a clock… Let’s be ambitious, let’s think big! NOCLOCK is not a watch, it is a time capsule with such an extreme capacity of modularity that it gives free rein to the most fertile of imaginations… to such an extent that it may not even give the time? NOCLOCK … the anti-watch.


The main aim of this campaign is to build a community of NOCLOCK users who enjoy the NOCLOCK philosophy and who participate in the improvement of the initial concept.

By purchasing the NOCLOCK kit at our preferential rate, you will become the owner of a numbered, first-edition example of a revolutionary watchmaking concept. We hope that you will have fun playing with its great versatility and that you will share it with your family and friends.

Once you purchase this kit you belong to the NOCLOCK community. Owning this kit, playing with it, even devouring it you contribute to our better understanding of possible uses. Hack the NOCLOCK kit according to your dreams! Make things that we did not even think of! And tell us about them.

Tell us what you like, the difficulties you encounter, what is missing, in short … tell us how we can improve it.

Let us join forces to make watch design accessible to all!

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We have drawn up our rewards in keeping with our campaign goals.

By purchasing one of the very first NOCLOCK kits, you first ensure that you get it at the best price.

We will also help you publicize your watch-making project by posting your name and photos on our website.

For those who are short on time, a second kit – including wristband, watch bezel and tools – has been especially designed so you can strap your NOCLOCK to your wrist straight away, without having to design the time capsule holder yourself.

If you are a School or a Lab, we have thought of economical solutions in the form of packs, allowing you to organize workshops for your students or makers in your community.

For the more motivated, a luxury pack will take you to Switzerland, to visit the premises where NOCLOCK was designed, to meet the founders and Elmar Mock, the co-inventor of the famous original Swatch!

For those of you who only have a small budget, you can buy the box (the «capsule»), without the movement! That way you can make some very original time-capsules…

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