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This is what it's all about.

Our aim is to reach foreign readers in German, English and French, as well as in Italian. And to do so, we bet on some of our best quality and success novels, with the idea of translating almost or completely our catalog.


My project is special because ...

We are specializing in crime stories and historical novels, also through the selection made through our literary competitions. We propose, for starters, the mystery novels Il destino del salmone (The fate of the salmon) and Musical 80. They are all novels suitable for the vast public. The project is aimed at supporters of Italian (Italians living in Italy or abroad), German and English, French or bilingual who want to follow us on this path.

Everyone will have a reward in e-books or books in Italian, German, English or French, as you prefer to choose.

Those who have chosen the reward in e-books in Italian can receive it by September; those who have chosen e-books in German, English or French will have to wait a few months after the fundraising has ended, the time for translation, before Easter 2019. You can choose e-books in multiple languages.

We hope to welcome you many and that you become, with time, our faithful readers!


This is what I need backing for.

Ours is a small Italian publishing house, but in the small barrel there is often good wine.

There are few Italian books and authors translated into other languages, and this has encouraged us to present this project to you.

Translation has very high costs and this is why your support is particularly needed.

The total amount of funds raised will be spent approximately as follows: 50% translation costs, 50% royalties to the two authors, printing costs, shipping costs and other expenses.