Bringing together characters from all walks of life and creating a unique story is one of the things I love the most! If you too want to become a creator, jump on the bandwagon!

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Successfully concluded on 14/10/2022

A crowdfunding is launched!

I have just finished my third novel and my wish is to reach a wider audience! A new website has been created and all my skills as a therapist, accountant and artist are now being put to use in the development of this new project.

Why is this novel self-published?

The publishing world seems to me to be very complicated. The book market is focused on the massive sale of bestsellers, publishing houses are closing down. What is going on? How can you survive this earthquake if you are a (small) writer?

Faced with this and the disappointments experienced with my two previous publishers, I decided to take my bookish destiny into my own hands and release this new novel as a self-publication.

My next few weeks will be filled with content creation, image development, layout choices with Librinova, the self-publishing company I work with, and research into distribution networks… always with the same passion: bringing people together around a common project!

What is this novel about?

Louis, a mute little boy, who spends his time watching the sky. Tom, intrigued by this child with unfathomable thoughts. And the volcanic Naïma. When these three singular souls meet on a platform at Cornavin station, their destinies become one. This meeting marks the beginning of a path towards joy and the healing of past wounds. As is often the case in my novels, the characters are vibrant with tenderness and encourage us to be resilient. If you too want to be part of a madness and experience sharing, don’t hesitate to support a Swiss author in the meanders of self-publishing!