There’s a climate crisis. There’s an energy crisis. Support a wave of non-violent disruptive actions in October, to push the Federal Council to take concrete action and finally insulate the country’s

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Renovating Switzerland ?

The conclusions of the latest IPCC report are inescapable: what we do in the next 2 to 3 years will determine the future of our civilisation. Heatwaves, droughts, water shortages, crop failure, … this is the sad picture of this summer 2022. And the winter does not look any better: according to the conclusions of the Federal Council, we must expect energy shortages and a brutal hike in our heating bills.

Parallel problems, common cause: We need to get away from our addiction to fossil fuels to ensure a future worth living in. A first obvious step: a national emergency plan to insulate our homes.

Thermal renovation of buildings is one of the key measures proposed by IPCC scientists and building and energy experts to save money and reduce our long-term CO2 emissions. Insulating buildings will:

  • Reduce energy consumption by 50%
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by 15%
  • Reduce heating bills by almost 60%

Non-violent action as a last resort

For over 30 years, concerned citizens have been organising marches, launching popular initiatives, signing petitions and writing letters to the Swiss government. Yet, for more than 30 years, CO2 emissions have continued to rise, threatening our lives and those of millions of people.

Citizens no longer have a choice. Non-violent action is now necessary, as the most effective way to force the government to take concrete measures and prevent the greatest crime in human history from happening.

And it’s working: since the start of our campaign, more than 60 people have joined us, many of whom have left their jobs or studies to dedicate themselves to it full-time. At the kick-off in April, with only 4 actions and 20 people on the road, we generated almost 150 press articles and managed to create a national debate on energy efficiency and the climate crisis. Many politicians and scientists support us.

We can do it. But only with you.

In October, we want to be a hundred people blocking the country’s roads and motorways in a disciplined and non-violent way. We will make sure that no one can look the other way any longer and ignore the emergency. We will show that there is an obvious and sustainable solution to help Switzerland out of the double climate and energy dead-end. And we will get the authorities to do something about it. Now.

To do this, we need your help. Help us to :

  • Print flyers, posters and promotional material
  • Rent rooms to hold information evenings and non-violence trainings
  • Fund legal and judicial advice
  • Offer food, accommodation and travel costs for people involved in the campaign
  • Rent working space
  • Support financially those who have left their jobs and studies to dedicate themselves to the campaign and are currently working voluntarily.

We can do this. But only with you. Thank you.