Sourdough for all our baked goods, restoring taste & nutrients to your daily bread! SAWERDŌ will be a place that combines a sourdough bakery, a coffee shop, and a restaurant with breakfasts and brunch

CHF 39’050

111% of CHF 35’000

"111 %"
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

227 backers

Successfully concluded on 27/3/2021


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Hi Guys, congratulations on finalizing the project, but I thought we were supposed to receive a QR code over a month ago and so far I havent received anything. Could you please inform us when we can expect to receive it? We're anxiously looking forward to try your goodies :-)

Because it is an amazing project made by amazing people

100% prête à soutenir une Initiative locale, durable et gourmande!

Victoria van Lennep taxation policy

Such an exciting project! This is exactly what is missing in Geneva.

C’est beau tout ça, bravo! OuiCycle serait ravi de collaborer a votre projet. Check us out

Comme votre projet nous plaît, il figure actuellement parmi «Nos coups de cœur»! Il apparaîtra tous ces prochains jours sur notre page de démarrage et dans la catégorie «Recommandés».
Une bonne raison d’être fiers et de le faire savoir à tout le monde: publiez une news, un post ou un tweet!

Formidable équipe, une vidéo extraordinaire...

Good luck :)